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Welcome to GDF Unity in Diversity

GDF Unity in Diversity works in the field of citizen diplomacy and uses 'dialogue' to promote intercultural understanding. In collaboration with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, our objective is to initiate, promote and foster cooperation among the global community in a range of intercultural initiatives that aim to establish a peaceful and safer coexistence.

Unity in Diversity - World Civil Society

"Unity in Diversity - World Civil Society" is an assembly of civil society organizations working together to build globally inclusive society and culture of peace.


GDF's E-NEWS FORTNIGHTLY MAGAZINE Highlighting the latest news related to the vision and mission of GDF.

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The Global Day of Love & Oneness

14 Feb 2021

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United Civilizations Dialogues - Special Issue - Click here


More Than Just Talk - Webinar
Hosted by Lenora Billings-Harris & Gary Rifkin

5 June 2020 - Watch here


Webinar - UN World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development 2020 - YouTube

21 May 2020 - WATCH HERE

United Civilizations® (UC) Initiative Opens Global HQ in Mumbai India

Mumbai, 7th October 2019

Global Dialogue Foundation® (GDF), a leading non-governmental organisation working to build Unity in Diversity and a global culture of peace, announced the opening of the Global HQ for its United Civilizations® (UC) Initiative in India today.
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Unity in Diversity World Radiance School Summer Camp August 2019, Nakuru Kenya


The Vision of United Civilizations®

GDF Workshop at UN DPI/NGO Conference, NY

22-23 August 2018

During the 67th UN NGO/DPI Conference, GDF representatives from Germany, Australia,
U.S.A and India, presented a workshop on the vision of “United Civilizations - UC”...

Workshop & Conference Weblinks: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7)



Charity Dinner: Supporting Unity in Diversity at the Global Speakers Summit

...GDF selected as the charity that best supports the theme of the 2018 Global Speakers Summit; "From Leadership to Legacy".  Read more


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Unity in Diversity - World Civil Society Serbia 24-27 July 2017

New Models of the Partnership for Sustainable Development
Strategic Alliance - Public-Private-Civil Society Organizations
Danube Peace Boat 2017: World Summit on Media and Youth
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Unity in Diversity Companies - Mumbai, India April 2017


International Tolerance Day - Shahani Group, India

26 Novemeber 2016
“In today’s dangerous nuclear driven world, an eye for an eye will destroy our whole planet” warned Padma Shri DR Kaarthikeyan, former Director General Human Rights Commission and Director CBI. “The only way out is Dialogue between cultures, communities and religions”  

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NOOSFERA - The Russian Federation

22 November 2016
Last week, the Education Support Foundation NOOSFERA held two events in celebration of the International Day for Tolerance:
  • Personalized master-class of the famous artist Andrey Bartenev with children-participants of the correctional program “Emotions.Movement.Intellect” and their parents. During the lesson children made vivid paintings using dripping technique—splashing paint onto paper: this technique helps to express feelings and emotions.
  • A festive concert “Golden Rule” at Moscow school No.480 named after V.V.Talalikhin. During the concert the children learned a lot about Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Artists performed traditional dances and songs of the peoples of the world on the scene, and schoolchildren read out parables matching each of the five religions. At the concert, pupils of primary and secondary school learned about the golden rule of morality–“Treat others, as you desire to be treated by them”, which is common both for five major religions of the world and for all people of the earth.

Media Education Centre - Serbia

13 October 2016,

Media Education Centre is in the implementation of the “Building Trust in Media in SEE and Turkey (EC-UNESCO funded project).  Read more








Open Forum: GDF gives decisive contribution to launching UNAOC Civil Society Chapter in Australia 6 October 2011 - Melbourne Australia

Open Forum info:  Read more  Galleries: Photo Video

Speech: UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, President  Jorge Sampaio: transcript_pdf
Speech: President, Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria Mr. Vasan Srinivasan: transcript_pdf

GDF Unity in Diversity Partners - Australia



Macedonian Inclusive Society model -

Model for Intercultural, Inter-ethnic, Inter-religious, Inclusive & Sustainable Society - GLOBAL DIALOGUE PROJECT MACEDONIAN DREAM BUILDING UNIVERSAL & PEACEFUL BROTHERHOOD OF MAN

Posted 2 May 2021
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Integration and Development: Need for Dialogue- PRIO

Posted 2 May 2021

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Missing Ingredients in Diaspora Engagement in Development: Destination-Country Policies and Integration

Posted 2 May 2021

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Immigrant Integration |

Posted 2 May 2021

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Diaspora, Development and Integration: A Review of Policies and Practice

Posted 2 May 2021

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Posted Feb. 11. 2021


“A publicly accessible fashion exhibit providing a hands-on multi-sensory experience...”

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Abu Dhabi: Historic Document Signed by Pope Francis and Grand Imam of Al-Azhar

4 Feb 2019

On November 28 2017 the second day of his Apostolic Journey to Myanmar Pope Francis met the country’s 17 religious leaders ... “We are brothers ” he stressed .Each of the participants took to the floor briefly. According to a Holy See press release the main theme was that of unity in diversity. Posted December 07. 2017 - Read more



15.01.2017 - Read more

‘Thank you,’ says Ban, bidding farewell to staff and delegations at UN Headquarters

30 Dec - Read more

UNAOC High Representative Pays Tribute to Mr. Ban in the Washington Times

30 Dec - Read more

United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University launch new PhD scholarships

19 Dec - Read more

Syrian Refugee Girls Producing Their Own Narratives

8 Dec - Read more

Kick-off of the UNAOC Young Peacebuilders in West Africa workshop

22 Nov - Read more

GDF signs MoU with UN Alliance of Civilizations - towards the nucleus of a planetary citizens assembly
7 May - Read more

Al-Nasser Remarks at the high-level panel on the role of Parliaments for building peaceful and inclusive societies and combatting violent extremism

22 Jul - Read more

The High Representative addresses the Foundation Alliance of Civilizations in Skopje on Global Challenges and the Role of UNAOC

8 Jun - Read more

15 Mar 2016, Unity in Diversity-World Civil Society Launch India,
Presentation by UNAOC High Representative - H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser

(Delivered by Hanifa Mezoui PhD)
Photo Album - Launch Event

14 Mar 2016, Unity in Diversity-World Civil Society Launch India
Pre-Event Session 14 March 2016
Photo Album

15 Mar - Unity in Diversity initiative to be launched
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Unity in Diversity - World Civil Society, India Launch event
15-16 March 2016

News releases 1, 2, 3,
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Queen Urges Inclusivity In Commonwealth Speech

14 Mar - Read more

Macedonian President in Rome: We Have to Create Cohabitation in Order to Have World Peace -
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Unity in Diversity - World Civil Society Featured at the 2015 NGO Conference at the United Nations: Towards a Planetary Citizen's Assembly New York, 25-27 August 2015
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Symposium, Unity in Diversity - World Civil Society
Belgrade 27-31 July 2015

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GDF Presentation: Dialogue as Global Trust Building Shaping Common Global Agenda, 3rd World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, Baku 17-18 May 2015
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3rd World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue 

18-19 May 2015, Baku, Azerbaijan

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15 Jan - Emir Al Thani EMIR OF QATAR welcomed the role of the Republic of Macedonia in the Alliance of Civilizations.
“The Macedonian model of respect for diversity is a very positive example, which should be promoted as part of this global initiative”, said the Qatari Emir at the meeting

Read more  Macedonian Inclusive Society model
28 Aug - Unity in Diversity - Workshop UN DPI/ NGO Conference, UN New York
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7 Jul -  Inauguration -  Unity in Diversity Peace Garden Nashville, TN, USA
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Photo album

21 Feb - UNAOC Informal Meeting: Unity in Diversity — World Civil Society
. Remarks by H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdul Aziz Al-Nasser, The UN High Representative for The Alliance Of Civilizations

Welcome remarks
Closing remarks

9 Apr 2014 - Unity in Diversity Peace Garden, Nashville, TN, Update
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19 Sep - Unity in Diversity Peace Garden, Thomastown West Primary School, Melbourne, Australia
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