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Laura Xhaxhiu – Project Manager

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Laura Xhaxhiu – Project Manager
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Batna University, Lab of Dialogue between Civilizations
Prof.Dr.Abdelmadjid Amrani (Philosopher)

Professor of Philosophy since 1998

DEGREES :         

  • Baccalauréat :1976, Lettre and Human Sciences Blida, Algeria
  • BA Philosophy :1981,University of Algiers
  • M.Litt:1986, University of Glasgow G.B
  • Ph.D :1990, University of Glasgow G B

Jobs and responsibilities

  • Honored with recognition by the university of Batna.June 25,2014.
  • Award/ Gusi Peace Price International/ Laureate/November 27,2013 Manila, Philippines.
  • Man of The Year 2011 for Algeria (ABI) web//www.abiworldwide.com
  • Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities , University of Batna : 1999-2010.
  • Director of  Laboratory Research of Dialogue Between Civilizations and Globalization, since 2003.
  • Member of the High Council for the Arabic Language, Algiers : 1998-2003
  • President of the committee  scientific research Dept of Political Science . university of Batna : 1992-1999.
  • President of a research project on “the Future of Civilization Between Conflict and Dialogue”, 2005-2008.
  • President of a research project on “The end of Philosophy and the Beginning of Modern History”, 1998-2001.
  • Member in the Arabic Philosophy Society : Jordan 1995-2000.
  • Member of Chinese Philosophy Society : 2007-2010.
  • Member in the Sartre’s Philosophy Society for the North America 1997-2000.
  • Full Professor  in Political philosophy , University of Batna since 1998.
  • Lecturer in Political Philosophy, University of Batna:1991-1994.
  • Assistant teacher in Human Sciences, University of Batna 1998-1991.
  • Proposed as UNESCO Chair of Philosophy , 2010 , Batna University.

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IG Alpbach Armenia
Marine Sargsyan – President

My academic background is in both the Humanities (BA and AM Diplomas in History from the Yerevan State University) and Social Sciences (Public Servant Diploma (equivalent to Master’s Diploma) from the Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia, and a Human Rights non-degree Diploma from the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Lund (Sweden)).

Since 2006 I have participated in different conferences and training courses, mostly at European universities, institutions, think tanks and other organizations. I am alumna of The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) American Institute for Political and Economic Studies (AIPES) academic program (USA). TFAS participants earn academic credits from Georgetown University and become a part of a worldwide network of young leaders. I have undertaken study visits to many European universities, including Ghent University (Belgium), Warsaw University (Poland), St. Petersburg State University (Russia), Charles University (Czech Republic), Coimbra University (Portugal) and The Hague Academy for Local Governance (the Netherlands), and have represented Armenia at various regional and international conferences. In 2010 I was accepted to participate in the European Forum Alpbach (EFA) annual event, and in December 2011, with the permission of the EFA Steering Committee based in Vienna, together with my students and friends I founded the Initiative Group Alpbach in Armenia, which became registered as a non-profit youth organization in the Republic of Armenia in February 2012.

Youth Action for Change

Anush Hayrapetyan



Vasan Srinivasan, Assistant Director General / Director – Cultures, Civilisations & Ethnicity, Global Dialogue Foundation

– Director, USS Australia Pty Ltd – providing assistance to overseas students. The organisation promotes and facilitates the enrollment of overseas students in Victoria, Australia from around the globe.

– President, Federation of Indian Association of Victoria (FIAV) 

o Since FIAV’s establishment in 1989, actively participated in its activities
o Former Chairman of Advisory board 

– Member – Livingstone Primary School Council: Vermont South – VIC
o Living locally for the past 22 years
o Concerned about the education at primary school council 

– Member – Melbourne Lord Mayor’s Charitable Funds Grants Committee
o Member of Family Panel since 2003
o Actively involved in Grants & Funding preparation for the family panel

– De Attaché – 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games – Indian Contingent


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Peter (Pece) Gorgievski – C.E.O & Director-General / Chief Executive Coordinator

Peter is a humankind enthusiast devoted to humanitarian progress. He is a global citizen. Peter’s greatest passion and focus is creating a culture of peace throughout the world. He is co-founder of GDF, Global Shipment and Unity in Diversity.
Brief History:

2007-Current: Global Dialogue Foundation
2013-Current: The OCAM Group P/L

  • OCAM Global Logistics
  • OCAM 4×4 Accessories

2011-14: CL Network Vic Inc. / Whittlesea Community Leadership Network (WCLN) – Founding Vice Chairperson & Secretary. WCLN is a not-for-profit community association working under auspices of the City of Whittlesea, Victoria. It provides leadership training and capacity building via access to resources for community-based organisations and cultural and ethnic groups. WCLN facilitates intercultural dialogue and integration with mainstream society.

2001-07: Managing Director, DGX-Asia Pacific.  Jointly establishing and developing new companies in several countries.

1999-01: Vice President, Direct Container Line/NACA Logistics-FE Asia, stationed in Hong Kong and Singapore.
1992-99: Direct Container Line-Melbourne, held various positions including State Manager.

Carolyn Briggs is an elder of the Boon Wurrung people, who are the traditional owners of the country that starts at the Werribee River and extends east, through part of the city of Melbourne and as far east as Wilson’s Promontory.  

Carolyn has devoted most of her working life to advancing the cause of her people and inheriting traditional and customary responsibilities associated with her country, people and culture.

She has been actively involved in significant community development projects, in advocacy,native title, social reform and cultural promotion. She has been involved in negotiating Indigenous Land Use Agreement [under the Native Title Act] and establishing and managing education & support programs at University level.


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Andrew Cass – Treasurer-General

Since graduating in 1983 with a degree in Accounting, Andrew’s professional life has encompassed the provision of financial advice to individuals and businesses of varying size.

In 1994, Andrew established the accounting practice Cambel Cass (Melbourne), to continue and expand his involvement in the finance industry through the provision of a quality and timely advice.

In more recent years Andrew has endeavored to increase his involvement in local community based organizations that require the assistance of professionals without the associated cost.

Mihajlo (Michael) Najdovski – Director
Biotechnology graduate, currently working as a Microbiologist for one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies in the plasma industry. With a strong interest in genetics and life extension techniques, Michael will be undertaking further studies in the field of Biomolecular principles. Michael is also a strong believer in well-being and disease prevention through proper eating habits and an active lifestyle. He has commenced his further Biotechnology/ Bio-molecular studies. He is co-founder of GDF/GDI, Global Shipment and Unity in Diversity.

-In my lifetime, I want to see a world where people are treated equally, where people who have give to people who don’t, where more capable nations help those less fortunate ones – without a hidden agenda. A world united, without borders, race, religious conflicts and a monetary system that cripples nations and holds back anything that won’t profit a certain few insatiable autocrats. We are all the same, when this is realised and we begin to work together as one rather than compete as many, we will achieve advancement beyond our belief.-  

Dr. Ilija Najdovski PhD Nanotechnology – Director

A graduate in Nanotechnology with Honours in Chemistry in researching a novel pathogenic sensor; Ilija is currently working as a Validation Officer for one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies in the plasma industry. Interested in future technological advancements in the fields of renewable energy and medical devices, Ilija is developing his career within the medical industry with future plans in research & development and he has completed his PhD in Nanotechnology.
 He is co-founder of GDF/GDI, Global Shipment and Unity in Diversity.

-If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed- – Albert Einstein

Dr. Vasko M. Najdovski – Founder

Organizations: Global Dialogue Foundation (GDF)

Dr. Vasko M. Najdovski is trained as a medical doctor in his native Macedonia. He worked as a medical doctor in Macedonia and in Australia.

He is the founder of Global Dialogue Foundation and various other organizations in Australia and abroad through which he expresses over 20 years of active humanitarian and philanthropic work. Working in this area, Dr. Najdovski developed a model with 3 major sectors for modernizing, transforming, remodeling and strengthening the global governance through UN systems. The model incorporates an “organized” civil sector on local, regional and global levels. Through dialogue and citizen diplomacy, which was widely used by Dr. Najdovski, it will help strengthen and pave paths for developing law and order in the wider community, coming from the needs of ordinary citizens, faiths, cultures and civilizations in years to come.

Using “Dialogue” as a means towards the future, Dr Najdovski’s work aims at building pathways and increased awareness for cooperation and dialogue among humans, nations, cultures, civilizations, religions, science and religion, also building bridges for cooperation, understanding and friendship. Also, working towards a brighter and safer sustainable environment while protecting our planet and opening wide avenues for space exploration and inhabiting space for common good.

Dr. Najdovski has researched and written widely on bio-energy and bio- energy therapy over many years. At present, his focus and interest is scientific research and new technologies, particularly in the area of Bio-energy.  He is promoting and initiating dialogue among faith and reason, where Bio-energy/Bio-energy Science will be a ‘vehicle’ for establishing long-awaited friendly dialogue among science and religion and bringing their thoughts closer for common good. Also, based on his 20+ years research and experience in the bio-energy/healing field, to offer mankind ground breaking/cutting-edge technologies. 

Elizabeth Najdovski – Director-Family, Global Dialogue Foundation

Elizabeth graduated from legal college in her native Macedonia, where she was employed as a legal representative by one of the largest international trade holding companies.
At present, Elizabeth has dedicated her time and passion for alternative, i.e. natural medicine, to studying Herbal Pharmacy and is achieving excellent results.
Evdoxia Gorgievski – Director-Family, Global Dialogue Foundation
Starting her career in fashion, Evdoxia’s experience includes merchandising and retail management.
Since having three children and until this year (2009), Evdoxia has been passionately devoted to full-time motherhood. During this time, she has lived with her family in Asia, traveled frequently and has been upgrading her skills through various personal and business development programs.

Mark Mayes, Director – Alternative/Natural Medicine / Traditional Chinese Medicine, Global Dialogue Foundation

Mark is currently practicing Chinese medicine in Williamstown and Melbourne, registered with Chinese medicine registration board and is a Victorian committee member of Australian Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Association. He completed his internship at Shu Guan Hospital Shanghai, China and graduated with a double degree from Victoria University in 2008.

Since 1996 Mark has been building a solid foundation and reputation as a nationally accredited instructor in internal martial arts (Tai Chi, Ba Gua Zhang and Xing Yi Chuan) and in 2001, 2003 and 2004 won national competitions. His achievements clearly demonstrate his competence, diligence and insightful knowledge in the magnum opus of Chinese medicine.

John Smithies

Director, Cultural Development Network (appointed December 2005)

John is an arts manager with experience working on policy development and a background of arts programming, specifically in cinema, new media arts, and screen education. He studied at the Tasmanian School of Art, the South Australian School of Art, Monash University and the Academy of Fine Art Karlsruhe, Germany. From 1992, John was Director of the State Film Centre of Victoria leading it through its development as the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and was responsible for opening the new public facilities at Federation Square in Melbourne in October 2002. John left ACMI in 2004 and joined CDN in 2005 as Director.  Since then, he has worked with the CDN Board and a highly skilled team to support stronger arts planning within the cultural development activities of local government.

Elleni Bereded

Elleni  was born in Ethiopia. She has focused her life’s work on strengthening education, training and employment for culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Australia. Elleni is now the Community Engagement Advisor & Coordinator at Victoria University. Her dynamic leadership has resulted in new solutions for community to access and participate in society. From 2005-2011 Elleni has served as the first African Commissioner appointed to the Victorian Multicultural Commission. For six years she has also served as Board of Directors of The Women’s Hospital and chaired the Community Advisory Committee and from 2008 -2011, Elleni has served as the inaugural member of Australian Social Inclusion Board. Elleni is a Director of the SBS Board & member of the Community Engagement Committee.  Recently Elleni was appointed to Wester Health Board of Directors and chair of Cultural Diversity and Community Advisory Committee.

Elleni  was one of the recipients of the VU Vice-Chancellor’s Citations and Award for Outstanding Engagement with Culturally And Linguistically Diverse(CALD) communities in Australia. She also received Victoria’s Premier Awards for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs in Education and Prime Minster International Year of Volunteers Award. Her name has been included on the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.  She is also on 2006 “Who is Who Australian Women” among 4000 remarkable women in Australia. In 2008 Elleni was  selected as one of twelve significant women in Victoria as part of 100 years of women’s suffrage reflection and celebration. Elleni is also participated at the 2020 Summit which brought together some of the best and brightest brain from across the country to tackle the long term strategy for the Nation’s future. In 2008 Elleni won the Diversity@Work Individual Champion Award for Diversity and Inclusion.
Elleni was presented with her award by Sir Bob Geldof

Dr Shahid Yamin – Director
Dr Shahid Yamin, PhD, MBA, B Tech Hons
CEO Business Innovation & Growth (BIG) coaching and consulting

Dr Yamin is currently the CEO of Business Innovation & Growth (BIG) coaching and consulting company. He has over 30 years of diverse professional experience in industry, consulting, and academia.

Dr Yamin created and spearheaded Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries with a grant of 10 Million US dollars in Oman, and Emirates Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a grant of 1.25 Million US dollars in UAE. The purpose of these centers was to act as a catalyst in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship eco system. Dr Yamin’s Corporate and Consulting experience include senior positions in BHP, Hoechst, UNIDO and Water Boards and as the member of the Board in several institutions. Academic administrative experience includes Assistant Dean Research and Graduate Studies, Director of DBA and MBA Programs. He has over 50 publications in prestigious international journals, on variety of business related topics.

Dr Yamin have trained, coached and mentored young adults and business executives in multicultural settings across the globe to develop entrepreneurial mindset embedded with creativity and innovation skills. Many of these individuals have become highly successful entrepreneurs and are currently operating multimillion dollar enterprises. Others are working in very senior executive positions making significant contribution to their respective companies and the society. He brings a deep-seated conviction and passion to his training program that inspires and motivate participants to identify, evaluate and execute emerging opportunities. Trainees are not deterred by ambiguity, hurdles, or failures, instead they approach them with tenacity, perseverance and courage to achieve success in their endeavors.
Dr Yamin is an internationally accredited EDISC profiler. He has helped companies to create cohesive and dynamic teams committed to create cultural transformations in alignment with corporate values. Select epic new employees based on technical and managerial skills and, emotional intelligence to accelerate innovation. Developed leaders who become the catalyst in facilitating a work environment that stimulate and utilize the full potential of the human capital .
Dr Yamin has delivered keynote addresses and expert panel presentations in business forums around the globe. More recently, he presented a key note address on Perspectives of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the development of African community in Australia at the Australian African Business Council Forum in Melbourne. As an expert panel speaker, he presented Nexus between Economic Empowerment and Human Rights at the World Federation of United Nation Association Human Rights Conference, Bhopal, India. 
Scott Leckie, Director-Climate Change, Global Dialogue Foundation

Director and Founder of Displacement Solutions (www.displacementsolutions.org), an organisation dedicated to resolving cases of forced displacement throughout the world, in particular displacement caused by climate change and conflict. In 2009 Scott founded Oneness World (www.onenessworld.org), an institution dedicated to developing alternative forms of global governance grounded in global citizenship. He is also Founder of the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE – www.cohre.org), an organisation he headed from 1991-2007. He regularly advises several United Nations agencies and has worked on human rights issues in 65 countries. He was the driving force behind more than 50 international human rights standards, and has published 12 books and over 100 articles and reports on issues including housing rights, economic, social and cultural rights, forced evictions, the right to housing and property restitution for refugees and internally displaced persons and other human rights themes. He frequently lectures and regularly teaches several human rights courses.

Venerable Lobsang Tendar (Tibetan Buddhist Monk), Director-Religion, Faith & Traditional Faiths, Global Dialogue Foundation

Ven. Lobsang Tendar comes from Kham, Eastern Tibet.  Ordained at Dego Samdupling Monastery at the age of 12, Tendar left for Lhasa shortly after where he joined Gyuto Monastery and trained as a monk for 7 years.  In 1989, he made the journey across the Himalayas to join the Tibetan community in India.  There, he continued his studies at the Gyuto Tantric University in Northern India, specializing in tantric chanting, meditation and butter sculptures and sand mandala.  
During 30+ years of study and training, Tendar obtained specialty skills certificates in these fields.

Tendar started touring Europe and Australia in early 2000 and 2001 with the monks of Tibet as Chant Master, spreading the message of love compassion and peace.  He returned to Australia in 2002 as a resident and became an Australian citizen shortly after in 2005.  His contributions in Australia are numerous where he is most recognized for his chanting and practice of Tantric Healing.  
Kevin Meese Director – Religion, Faith & Traditional Faiths
Kevin is an Executive Officer of Catholic Mission Melbourne. 
Catholic Mission works in partnership with local Church communities in the Majority World.  It provides support through spiritual, pastoral care and building programs. 
Catholic Mission works to educate Australians about mission and justice, encouraging engagement with global mission.  It focuses on the development of local Church leadership, and provides support to children of the Majority World. 
Education, health care, shelter, food and personal development programs form the basis of our outreach programs. 
Kevin Meese’s involvement in Catholic Mission stretches over 10 years.  The challenge of engagement with local communities in need form the inspiration for his work, which strives to make real the Gospel message of hope and transformation for all people.
Rabbi Philip Heilbrunn, Director – Religion, Faith & Traditional Faiths, Global Dialogue Foundation

In addition to being the Chief Minister of the St Kilda Hebrew Congregation and past President of the Orthodox Rabbis of Australia and New Zealand, Rabbi Philip Heilbrunn is also a highly gifted cantor and vocal artist of international reputation. He sings and collaborates with some of the world’s greatest cantors and choirs on a regular basis.

Prior to his arrival in Melbourne, Rabbi Heilbrunn was a Rabbi and popular Cantor of several large Jewish congregations in South Africa, the North Shore Synagogue (Sydney) and subsequently Chief Minister of the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation. He has enjoyed much success as a Rabbi, Cantor, lecturer, educator and counsellor. Rabbi Heilbrunn has involved himself in all aspects of the Cantorial and Jewish Liturgical art and the promotion of Jewish Synagogue music throughout the Community.

Rabbi Heilbrunn’s involvement in Synagogue life dates back to his youth: he was encouraged to take an active role in the services at his Boarding School and later at the Linksfield Senderwood Synagogue. Later he became the Junior Minister (Chazan Sheni) of that Synagogue while at the same directing the Jewish Activities Program at the King David Schools Hostel.


Whilst continuing his studies towards Law and Arts degrees, he became a lecturer at the Jewish Students University Program, an institution which had been founded by his fellow Rabbinical students and himself. 

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Vincent Chow

Born Malaysia 1955
Migrated to Melbourne in Melbourne 1975
Accountant; Property Developer
Chairperson, Federation of Chinese Association of Victoria
Chairperson, Melbourne Chinatown Chinese New Year Festival Organising Committee
Chairperson, Glen Waverly Chinese New Year & Lantern Festival Organising Committee
President: Chinese Association of Victoria (2002 –2004)

Ikani Taliai

Ikani migrated to Australia with his family from Tonga in 1980 and finished his secondary schooling in Australia. He went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts. Ikani’s career has included roles in Asset Management, Economic Development and teaching at secondary school level in Tonga. He has also competed professionally for Tonga in athletic events internationally including the 1990 Commonwealth Games.

Ikani is actively committed to community development having founded the Tongan Victorian Association Inc (TVA) which actively works towards addressing issues facing Tongan communities in Victoria and Australia. Furthermore, he has been working with leaders of Pacific Island communities in Victoria in establishing a peak body for Australians of Pacific Island heritage. A founding member and driving force behind the United Pasifika Council of Victoria (UPCOV), Ikani is particularly passionate about the interconnect of Pacific diasporic communities in Australia and the Pacific region.

Ikani has led the development of innovative models of engagement and dialogue, not only to highlight the issues faced by Pacific Island communities but to push major initiatives that significantly contributes to Australia’s engagement with the Pacific. Ikani founded Ovava Limited, a not-for-profit organization with a Board of high profile individuals to purse this endeavor.

Bill Kardamitsis JP

Managing Director / CEO at Atlas Import Export and Trading  

Experienced and Succesful Business Owner and Operator in a range of Industries in Australia

Profound political career,
Member of the “Australian Labour Party”
Candidate for the Federal Electorate Seat of Wills in 1992-1993 with the Australian Labour Party.

Elected Councilor twice in the City of Coburg.

Extensive community involvement (founding member of the Coburg Community Health centre;

Founder and Coordinator of the St Basil’s Homes for the Aged in Victoria, Australia;

Representative Member of the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria, Australia.

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3ZZZ – Melbourne Ethnic Community Radio
George Silloum – President

I was born in Syria and migrated to Australia in 1974 as a young man

I have studied Aeronautical engineering in Melbourne and worked in that field till about 1985 and after that I have completed various studies in building and architectural studies and started my business in designing  and building various construction projects the business still operating till now.

Married with 2 children’s boys both university graduates.

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Cultural Infusion
Peter Mousaferiadis

Since 1988, Peter has had an extensive career in the arts as a creative director, producer, artistic director, music director, composer and a champion of intercultural understanding. He has established himself as one of Australia’s leading cross cultural directors. Some memorable events include:

  • Producer/Director of the “Australian Christmas Show” in Jinan, China – 21st Dec 2013.
  • Producer/Director of the Interfaith Showcase “Colors of Ugnayan” United Religious South East Asia Conference in Manila, Philippines 10th November, 2013
  • Producer/Creative Director and Composer of the Australia Day Concert, 2004 to 2012.
  • Creative Director and Producer of countless ceremonies including the most recent being the Opening and Closing Ceremony for the UN World Model Games Conference March 2013 in Melbourne.
  • Artistic Director of the Red Earth Arts Festival, WA, 2012.
  • Creative Director of the arts and cultural program and concert “Towards Oneness” for the United Religious South East Asia Conference in KL, Malaysia, October 2011.
  • Creative Director/Producer of the “Beyond Difference” Concert in Manilla, Philippines, for the United Religious Initiative South East Asia Conference, Nov 27, 2010.
  • Producer/Creative Director of the Welcome Concert, Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the United Nations “Advance Global Health” conference, streamed to 250 million people worldwide, 2010.

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Colin McKinnon-Dodd

Colin is Mia Mia Gallery’s founder, as well as its principle artist, educator and curator.

Over the past 15 years, Colin has been a founding member of many Indigenous initiatives throughout Australia including the Aboriginal Actors Corporation, Wadamba Bic, One-Fire Dance Troope and the Aboriginal Arts Development Trust. In addition, he initiated a Community Theatre Diploma Course for Indigenous actors and production designers at the Victorian College of the Arts in response to television and theatrical agents request for more trained Indigenous actors.

Colin is a lecturer in cultural awareness, Indigenous art and education. He has delivered significant performance and visual arts exhibitions as part of the Indigenous component of over 44 festivals and events. He is also a visual artist having exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria, Manningham Gallery, Narana Creations and at many group shows both private and public.

Colin has curated collections of significant Indigenous art works for TEAC and many other corporations, councils, shires and private collectors.

He liaises with Indigenous visual artists and the corporate and government sector in both advocacy and commercial transaction activities to achieve the best outcomes for his community. Many Aboriginal people who wish to participate more fully in the visual arts industry consider him their mentor.

Colin actively seeks out opportunities for Indigenous artists to exploit their own imagery on their own terms, enabling income streams that consolidate their longevity in the industry; one that will benefit the artists, their families and their communities.

Whilst setting up the Aboriginal Artists Development Trust, Colin was responsible for the introduction of the Lin Onus Award into the Victorian Indigenous Art Awards. The award was given out for an outstanding work by an Indigenous artist aged 30 years and under. Through Colin’s efforts The Peter Brock Foundation sponsored the award for two years and it became not only an integral part of the ceremony but it also acted as a testament to Lin Onus’ legacy.

Ordan Andreevski

Director of Australian Outreach – United Macedonian Diaspora

Fleur Butcher – Director, GDF Sanctuary, Global Dialogue Foundation

Fleur grew up in the hills of Perth surrounded by wildlife. From a very early age, she assisted in the care of many species of wildlife as a carer. Her passion for animals and the environment grew from this beautiful bush setting.

Fleur’s family were active members of the Darling Range Naturalist club. They spent all their holidays camping in the bush and learning about Australian wildlife.

Fleur has volunteered her spare time to assist wildlife both land and sea. She spent time with the Bunbury dolphin trust, and Underwater World. She has assisted with research on Bottle-nosed dolphins, Humpback whales, and Mahakam River dolphins. She was an active member of west whales attending many whale strandings.

She started her dream job at the Perth zoo 20 years ago. It did not take long to discover her passion for primates, enrichment, training and especially orangutans. In 1996, she followed her passion to Kalimantan where she worked at the Wanariset Reintroduction Centre for 18 months. Fleur was nominated for young Australian of the year for her work with orangutans. Since then, she has been an active supporter and committee member of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation returning frequently to Indonesia with donations and medical supplies. Fleur was a founding member of BOS Australia. In 2007, Fleur put together the successful welding for welfare program which is still ongoing.

She was employed by Zoos Victoria in 2000. Fleur has actively contributed to the formalisation of enrichment and training on the rainforest precinct. She has played an integral part in the development of the new Orangutan Sanctuary at Melbourne Zoo.  She now works on the trail precinct.
Fleur specialises in the care and management of Siamangs and Orangutans.

Raquel Tobar – Director, GDF Sanctuary, Global Dialogue Foundation

Commercial Engineer

Over 6 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions at PricewaterhouseCoopers both in Chile and Australia.

Although having a financial background, Raquel’s biggest passion is animals! Since arriving in Australia, she is an active member of the Victorian Ferret Society. Raquel participates in shows and events to educate people in caring for their pets and provide a better understanding of ferrets.

She is currently undertaking a FOTZ (Friends Of The Zoo) volunteer guide course at Melbourne Zoo to continue her path along conservation and education.

Having spent more than 16 years in Santiago, Chile, it was there where she started her approach to conservation, particularly after meeting Mrs. Elba Munoz director of “Centre of Rescue and Rehabilitation of Primates Penaflor”. The centre rescues and rehabilitates a total of 146 primates of 12 species (basically New World Monkeys). The majority of the monkeys enter with severe conditions after being hunted or taken captive.
Chile has NO native primates, and despite that, so many are seized by the Chilean authorities. Raquel aims supporting this project, among others around the the world.

Nigel Williamson – Director, GDF Sanctuary, Global Dialogue Foundation

Owner, Nigel’s Animal Rescue / Director, Australian Animal Rescue

Nigel began his career as an animal rescue officer with RSPCA in 1985.

Since starting ‘Nigel’s Animal Rescue’ in 1991, Nigel has rescued literally thousands of animals and is widely known amongst Victorians.
Nigel offers a unique service to the public, to government departments, local councils, real estate agents, emergency services, Victoria Police and wildlife groups.
In 2004 fate took a hand in Nigel’s affairs and he met his star-cross lover with also a passion for animals. In March 2006, Sharon Rustman and Nigel Williamson got married, sold their respective homes and decided to purchase a 5 acre property in Devon Meadows.
Nigel’s Animal Rescue business has received a Certificate of Honorable Mention from Australian Wildlife Protection Council. In 1999, Nigel was awarded a Certificate  for excellence in customer relations from Australian Achiever Awards and Melbourne’s 3AK radio station.

Bill Penrose, Director – Citizens, Organisations & Community, Global Dialogue Foundation

Bill has worked in several local organisations such as festival committees, newspaper groups and community centres and has been a shire councillor for over 10 years at various times since 1991, including one year as mayor of the Shire of Nillumbik in Victoria, Australia. His passion is to improve community understanding of local government activities to allow them greater control of their own environment.

He is currently a vice chairman of the Victorian Local Governance Association and is involved with several groups that work with and monitor council activities.

Graduating as an engineer, Bill worked throughout Australia and overseas. This includes two years at Woomera in an international rocket program and two years in England helping design computer telephone exchanges.

Bill has worked on computers and satellite systems since 1965 and is experienced in communications, electronics, computers and project management. He is the author of several user and training manuals for satellite base stations and network management systems and has designed and delivered training courses for several projects. He currently is working on a complete web based project for the management, entry and service delivery of a sporting activity.

Supreme Sikh Council of Australia
Harikirat Singh – General Secretary

At the age of 21, working at administrative roles of different organisations, Harkirat Singh started the Sikh Blood Donation Drive with Australian Red Cross and Sikh Food Donation with Food Bank Vic  and travelled all around Australia to get more and more Sikhs to donate blood to serve the humanity and make the Australians aware of the Sikh Identity. With his management and hard work, Sikhs broke the record of most number of Blood donations in one day. He was awarded with a medal by Australian Red Cross Blood Service in 2010 and 2011. He is the Sikh representative in many councils/Govt projects and continuously raises issues related to Sikhs with higher authorities. He along with his team, worked tirelessly for tabling of the 1984 Sikh Genocide petition in Australian Federal Parliament which is a historical event for the Sikh Nation worldwide. He speaks at various Seminars/Functions and works closely with many federal Parliamentarians. He remained the Subeditor of Australian Sikh/ Panjabi magazine-DES PANJAB . He voluntarily runs Panjabi radio show-Virasat and is the Panjabi representative at the Community Radio Federation. He serves as the General Secretary of Supreme Sikh council of Australia.

Bumblebee Foundation
Pauline Crosbie

“To promote enduring, daily intercultural cooperation, that celebrates the diversity and skills of the individual and to broker, consult, design and assist projects that lead to sustainable communities and business in Food Security with cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth, its people, its lands and seas and its creatures.”

To educate the new generations in all cultures to respect what has gone before, including the elders of our time and to collaborate, share resources gifts, and skills to support the renewal of consciousness leading to the above statement

APG Foto
Guruswamy Perumal

Member:  Delhi Journalist Association, New Delhi, India.
I am doing Photography from 1961 onwards, my first photo published in ‘Health’magazine in Pune, India in the year 1965.
I joined Indian Army Postal Service as Warrant Officer in 1972. and retired 1990.
In APS also I worked as Photographer in addition my work.
In Delhi , I worked two state Governments 1. Tamil Nadu and Kerala as official photographer more than 18 years. In that time I met most of the Indian and foreign leaders and took photos.  I took photos. Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Mother Teresa and Indian Presidents, Prime Ministers
Also I took so many Bollywood film stars.
I came here in Melbourne 2008.  Here also I am doing photography  for Indian Consulate General . as well most of Indian magazines. FIAV, Housing for the Aged Action Group, NRISA etc..
1972 onwards I am doing photography with Nikon cameras, lenses flashes.

Darren John

Darren has an extensive background in social work and business and has been designing, facilitating and evaluating a vast range of group work practices for over 15 years. After establishing two successful companies in Sydney he spent six years at university studying social work and psychology whilst continuing to work in medical research.

He has since integrated his business and social work skills to design, facilitate and evaluate a variety of group work practices. Darren is dedicated to providing groups for adults and children that incorporate a self help model that encourages people to take ownership in understanding themselves and create their own destiny. He also delivers specialised training to professionals in the community services sector which reflect modern day challenges in client-worker relationships.

Darren established the first anger management program for acquired brain injury clients in Victoria in 2004.   The majority of his expertise has been gained from working with high risk clients in secure welfare settings with complex needs through 15 years of industry experience.  He now facilitates an extended range of programs mainly through Infoxchange Victoria and NESA (National Employment Services Association) both organisations working in the non for profit sector which cater for more specialised needs within the community sector which focus on individualized practice skill building for clients with complex needs.


Finnish Society of Melbourne
Anneli Huttunen-Rickards


  • 1985- 1992 Participated in various Textile Crafts Workshops by leading Australian and overseas craft persons.
  • 1980-1982   Certificate of Handloom weaving, Melbourne College of Textiles
  • 1960-1961   Finland?s Travel Bureau-ticketing and sales
  • Until 1958    Kallion Yhteiskoulu ( high school) Helsinki, Finland

Over the years has been invited to present papers on textiles, fibres and design in weaving at conferences in Australia and Europe and the United States of America. Was the sole Australian representative at the International Conference on Linen and Flax in Paris.

Has been consulted by CSIRO and Victorian Government on the production and processing of flax and hemp fibre for textiles and paper production.

Anneli has been instrumental in promoting multi-culturalism through tireless networking through the Victorian Multicultural Commission, The Victorian Ethnic Affairs Department as well as developing and maintaining strong relationships between and within the Scandinavian communities in Victoria and interstate.
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Individual member
Abhay Awasthi
Individual member
Amit Menghani
Hindu Foundation Australia
Panditji Abhay Awasthi – President
SWEP P/L Analytical Laboratories
E.H. (Ted) Mikhail – Managing Director
Sinhala Cultural and Community Services Foundation
Asoka Dantanarayana, Olga Mendis
Individual member
Mr. Mantelli J.P.
Asoka Dantanarayana, Olga Mendis
Somali Australian Council of Victoria Inc.
Dr. Hussein Haraco – President
Diversity Council Australia
Sovereign Weddings & Events
Nicholas Damilatis
Macedonian Community Welfare Association
Diana Sterjovska – Manager
Young African Connection
John James – CEO

Macedonian Community Council of Victoria


Sangam Community Association 

Gurpreet Singh Tuteja – President

Individual member
Clare Reddan 


Islamic Council of Victoria

Aboriginal Artists Development Fund / Mia Mia Gallery


Australian Somali Welfare Botherhood Association Inc

Mohamed Ibrahim – Secretary

Hararian Community Association
Abdulhakim Adus – Chairperson


Horn of African Communities Network
Terefe Aborete – Services Director


Australian Education and Leadership Centre
Michelle Jenkins


Individual member
Claire Millar 


Muslim Women Council of Victoria Inc
Rabia Syed – Project Officer


Lao Australian Society
Mixay Chittaphong – President


Increasing Returns
John C. H. Perry

Australian Armenian Welfare Society
Mrs Shnor Bal – President
Louise Hartmann
Church of All Nations
Rev. Dr. John Evans
Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services
Gringi Obura – Treasurer
Torque Arts
Sue Clark – Director


Iliana Schmatelka, MBA
WCS – Deputy Director General
INTLI, International Leadership Institute

2012 – Present: Founder & Managing Director
Strategic consulting, Business Coaching, Interim and change management, Training and workshops

Education: Master of economics University of Economics, Sofia,
Master Diploma, 1. US MBA Diploma (AACSB accredited) 2. EMBA Diploma

Carlson School of Management – University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Executive Academy – Austrian University of Economics, Vienna

October 201 – ongoing: Senior Adviser – Mattig Management Partners, Vienna, Austria www.mattig-management.at
August 2011 – ongoing: Freelance senior finance consultant: M27 Finance GmbH, Vienna www.m27.eu
2009 – 2011: General Manager Immorent Slovakia and the Slovakian subsidiaries of S IMMO AG and Immorent AG (more than 20 companies)

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Michael Wimmer, PhD.
Organization: EDUCULT

2003 – present: Director of EDUCULT, Head of Scientific Research
Priorities: Cultural Policy, Cultural Development, Education Policy, Arts and Cultural Education and Cultural Participation

Education: Full profile

1988 – 2012: Lecturer – Austrian, European and International Cultural Policy Institute for Political Sciences/Institute for Theatre, Media and Film Sciences
1995 – today: Consultant, International Cultural Policy, Austrian Minister for Culture, UNESCO, Council of Europe, European Commission
1987 – 2003: Director, General Manager, OKS – Austrian Culture Service

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Aydan Karimli
Organization: Great Silk Way

2012 – Present: Acting Secretary-General
2011 – Present: MP Fuad Muradov Position: Assistant

The “Great Silk Way” International Youth Union was established for the purpose of coordination of activities of youth organizations, as well as representing and protecting common interests of the countries historically located on the silk route. The main objective and scope of activities of the organization is intercultural and interreligious dialogue, globalization issues.

Azerbaijan State Economic University – MBA – International Business


2011-2012: OGAE Azerbaijan (Official Eurovision Fan Club in Azerbaijan) Position: PR manager, Copywriter.

Volunteer work
2011-2013: Council of Europe – “Youth Peace Ambassadors” project
2009 – Jun 2012: NAYORA (National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan), Member of the International Relations Department

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Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio & Communication(BNNRC)
Rahman AHM Bazlur – Chief Executive Officer


Stanimira Hadjimitova
Organization: Gender Project for Bulgarian Foundation


Position: Director 

Gender Project for Bulgaria Foundation (GPF) was set up in 1995 as NGO in public benefit. There are 2 people working full time and 4 people part time. GPF is an advocacy group for promotion of gender equality in all spheres of the private and social life in Bulgaria, Europe and globally. 

GPF is a member of the European Women’s Lobby and the National Council on Gender Equality to the Council of Ministries of Bulgaria. The main spheres of work are: Development Education and ODA policy; Economic Rights of Women; Political Empowerment of Women; Media and its Role for Overcoming Gender Stereotypes; Roma Women Empowerment; Domestic Violence.

Recent projects

In 2013 GPF started to work on a 3-year project “Minorities Realities in the News” under Call EuropeAid/131141/C/ACT/Multi, as a partner of Minorities Rights Group International, UK.  The specific objective of the project is: Journalists serving EU audiences are better equipped with the necessary tools and skills to shape public & decision maker opinions in new ways through achieving high quality, well informed, analytical & sensitive stories concerning the specific development needs, progress & problems of minority & indigenous communities in the global South.  In September 2013 a new project “Support for Empowerment of Women from Northwestern Rural Region of Bulgaria”, financed by the NGO Programme in Bulgaria of the EEA Financial Mechanism will be started. GPF participates in the Working group on next planning period 2014-2010 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. As a member of the Bulgarian Platform for International Development (BPID), GPF took part in the CONCORD PCD Annual Seminar on January 30-31 2013 and its representative was included in a special TRIALOG Study visit to Brussels with PCD Focus, May 27 – 30, 2013.

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Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development – BASD
Anna Lalkovska – Chairperson
Global Initiative on Psychiatry – Sofia
Valentina Hristakeva – Executive Director


Jean Paul Brice Affana
Organisation: Vital Actions for Sustainable Development

2008 – Present: Coordinator
Youth and Action Instructor trained by the Ministry of Youth Affairs of Cameroon. His fields of interest and experiences include social development, climate change, sustainable development, intercultural dialogue, peace-building, youth empowerment and development, and human rights.

2011:Focal Point of youth NGOs at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
National Coordinator of MasterPeace in Cameroon
Coordinator of the Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network: Youth Affairs Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat.
Head of Youth Programs of the International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI)
African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC).

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AGE: 36

Fanji Self Help Womens Group
Mbingno Fekeme



Samuel Nyingcho

Coordinating Unit of Associations of Persons with Disabilities (CUAPWD)


Veronica Ngum Ndi

Community Association for Vulnerable Persons (CAVP)



Veronica Ngum Ndi is founder of a nonprofit – Community Association for Vulnerable Persons (CAVP) Santa subdivision, Bamenda, North West region Cameroon. She is a woman with disability (Club foot deformity), a volunteer Program Manager at the Coordinating Unit of Associations of Persons with Disabilities (CUAPWD) Bamenda. Has a strong commitment to inclusive development and peace building works, and is passionate about gender issues.  As a peer educator, she was first prize winner as the best peace and tolerance promoter on social media and throughout door sensitizations in #OneCameroon campaign, project with Action Foundation Common Initiative Group (AFCIG), with support from UNAOC. She loves to work with others to create innovative and successful projects and a 2016-2017 Empower Women Global Champion for Change. 

Please follow the link; 



Emilienne Alice Elong
ADES(Association pour le Développement et l’Encadrement Sanitaire)
Psychologist /Secretary


I’m Emilienne Alice Elong Kouoh likeable Cameroonian-Central Africa- living in Douala.

I am seasoned entrepreneur Psychologist practicing at the second region military hospital of Douala , Guidant counselor, BSc in private law, former delegate of women empowerment and family, Mentee at Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, human rights educator, member of EQUITAS, OIDD, YALI network, Winner of weekly book prize and Award in “#Inspiring Women, Global online FiresideChat” Program of Alysia SILBERG UN women Empower Global Champion, PROPAM Administrator, cooperate that promotes Clamshells and fight poverty.

I Love imparting knowledge for behavioral changes and help others attain their objectives. I fight for human rights, enjoy organizing and holding seminars, forums, family counselling, diverse individual therapies, workshops in order to help women speak out against gender-based violence and work in entrepreneurial ventures.

I equip myself with a lot of resources through reading, travelling and getting into contact with different cultural settings and exchange platforms.




Horn Dialogue Foundation
Mohamed Adan

I highly motivated with graduated Degree of International Relations from Addis Ababa University and enthusiastic worker with 10 years’ experience in Local and International NGOs, I also have two Diplomas of Information Technology and Human Resources Management, as well I earned online Certificates from Geneva University at International Organization Management in 2013, and The Changing Global Order from Leiden University 2014.

I am performing individual with demonstrating drive, enthusiasm and initiative, with the ability to work well under pressure, consistently delivering quickly and accurately and able to prioritise to ensure deadlines are met whilst maintaining a high standard of analysis and insight.

I am Co-Founder of Horn Dialogue Foundation [HDF] which is a collaborative, participatory non political, impartial, non-governmental and not for profit Foundation, Which has Difference offices that Registered Different Countries such as Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia, The branches and offices of Horn Dialogue Foundation in Somalia are located in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu and in Hargeisa and Bosaaso.
More info log on http://hdialogue.org/ or https://www.facebook.com/Horndialogue






The Egyptian Translators & Linguists’ Association
Hosameldin Mostafa – President


  • Translator, Researcher & Writer
  • President – Egyptian Translators & Linguists’ Association
  • President of The Egyptian League for Translators-
  • National Translation Center of Egypt
  • Chairman of Arab Translators Encyclopedia
  • General Secretary of Egyptian Translators Syndicate

Egyptian translator and researcher. Studied English Literature and Business Administration. Translated many works in different language pairs including Arabic, English, French, Italian and Chinese and supervised many translation projects at international organizations and establishments.

Lecturer specialized in translation arts and sciences with experience extends to more than 20 years. Recently, He is the President of the Egyptian Translators & Linguists’ Association (ETLA) since 2005. ETLA is the first professional NGO in Arab countries founded to support and improve the translation and interpreting professions and foster professional development of individual translators and interpreters.
Researcher specialized in translation, politics, diplomatic and literary issues.

Participated in many conferences and academic events as a translator or researcher. He published various articles and researches in Arabic and other languages concerning translation, languages, literature, politics and diplomacy.



Human Rights Association for Community Development in Assiut
Nasser Ibrahim Aboeloyouen – Chairman

Human Rights Association for Community Development in Assiut, registration number 596/2004 under the umbrella of Ministry of Social Solidarity and Justice, is a non-governmental organization works to promote and protect human rights of Egyptian citizens, especially in Upper Egypt community. The association is concerned about marginalized groups including children, women, youth, and victims of torture and violations of human rights in Egypt. After 7 years of working in the field, the association in 2012 enjoyed the consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Vision: A leading human rights organization for a better future for human rights in Egypt

Mission: A non-governmental organization aims to Applying international standards of human rights, raise community awareness and providing support and assistance to marginalized and vulnerable groups in Upper Egypt through:

Providing advanced mechanisms to raise awareness and educate youth.
Monitoring and documenting women and youth issues.
Applying international standards of human rights in Egypt.
Raising community awareness of democracy and mechanisms of practicing democracy.
Networking with other NGOs to raise awareness of human rights.
Establishing legal clinics to provide support and legal assistance to marginalized and vulnerable groups

The association concerns about all issues related to human rights or marginalized groups, it works in these fields:

Promoting Human Rights and Democracy.
Fighting Corruption.
Women’s Issues.
Children’s Issues

The association is:
A member of Anna Lindh Foundation Network
A member of Plan International Network
A member of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
A member of the United Nations Coalition Against Corruption (UNCAC)



Mosese Naluwau Koroimata
Organisation: Methodist Church of Fiji & Rotuma

Church Minister/Reverend
My name is Mosese Naluwau Koroimata
I’m from Solevu village at Malolo Island, Fiji Island.
I was born 20.05.1986
I’m married with one son.
1992 – 1999  Attending Malolo District School – Grade 1 to Grade 8
2000 – 2002 Attending Ba Provincial High School – Form 3 – Form 5
2003 – 2004 Attending Fiji National University (Studying Business Management), Part-time in Carrier Management Training System (Studying Certificate and Advance level in Computer Studies).
2005 – 2007 Attending Jansen Bible Institute (Studying Certificate in Theology), Part-time in Service Pro Vocational Studies (Studying Hotel Management and Tailoring).
2010 – 2012 Attending Davuilevu Theological College (Studying Diploma In Theology)
2013 – 2017 At this period I am doing my field studies. After this five year period and I’ll be posted to another part of Fiji to continue my vocation.


Common Good Forum
Mrs. Violaine Hacker, PhD

2009 – Present: President
The Common Good Forum represents an initiative to bring together experts and practitioners in various fields to reconsider economics and other areas of human enterprise with an emphasis on the common good. This supposes to take into account cultural issues. It aims to empower people to engage in actively re-thinking economic, political and cultural issues for the benefit of the global and local common good. http://www.commongood-forum.org/

Education: Phd in Law and Public Policies, European Studies Department, Sorbonne, summa cum laude. Thesis on the political Identity and the European Integration (Institutionalist analysis of decision-making).
Master, Political Philosophy and Sociology, Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Lille, Cum laude. Thesis on the building of Political Identity.

Consultant in Project Management: Development/Philanthropy and Public Policy within: Fondation JDB-Ligue contre le Cancer; UFSBD-World Health Collaborative Centre, Afnor (CEN/ISO), SFDO.
2001-2013: Research for: Think tank Lépac, Institut de recherche et formation en géoéconomie (cf. Programme Le Dessous des Cartes sur Arte), CNRS (Institut Communication et Politique), Think Tank Confrontations Europe.
Lecturer: European Law and Public policy, international relations, within: Sorbonne (European Studies Department), Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris; I.E.S.E.G., Ecole supérieure de Commerce ; Université Charles, Prague ; Université du Temps Libre; Institut Communication et Politique).

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Community and Family Aid Foundation
Emmanuel Korsi

Senyo Kumedzina – Executive Director

African Centre for Peace Building
Joseph Senyo Kwashie – Executive Director

Steven Blessing Ackah – Founding President

Transform Ghana Peace Project
Website: www.transformproject.org

Prince Afriyie – Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Nyankonton Aid Foundation
We are an NGO-Non Governmental Organisation working on:
1. Road Safety Advocacy and Supporting Victims 
2. Children and women empowerment
3. Agricultural and rural development
4. Supporting the needy. 
Since road safety is the project I’m currently on now, I will like to end road crashes in my country with Unity in Diversity.


Doug Woodring – Director, Environment – Marine

Global Dialogue Foundation
Project Kaisei
Doug was born in California, but has worked in Asia for over 17 years. He is an environmental and technology entrepreneur, as well as a water sports enthusiast. Prior to working with start ups, he created a framework for a global environmental technology fund at Merrill Lynch in1998.
He is currently working with a variety of renewable energy technologies,including micro wind, wave, and for buildings, living vertical green walls. He is the chairman of the Environmental Committee at the American Chamber in Hong Kong, organizer of two open water swim races, and well connected throughout the region in the areas of the environment and new media technologies. He has a BA from UC Berkeley,an MA in Environmental Economics from Johns Hopkins (SAIS), and an MBA from Wharton.


Red Cross in Akranes, Iceland
Anna Lára Steindal

Maya Shahani
Organizations: Global Dialogue Foundation & SAGE Foundation

Vice Chairperson – (www.globaldialoguefoundation.org)

Chairperson of SAGE Foundation (www.thesagefoundation.com)
Chairperson of Centre for Management (www.centreformanagement.com)
Trustee of Shahani Trust(www.shahanigroup.com).
Governing Board Member of the HSNC Board (www.hsncb.ac.in)
Founder Trustee of Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity (www.wmpp.org) under the aegis of Times Foundation (www.timesfoundation.org)
World Wide Wealth Ambassador for XL Nation (www.xlnation.org).
Education Board member of Sadhu Vaswani Mission (www.sadhuvaswani.org) and Priyadarshni Academy (www.priyadarshniacademy.org)
Patron of Cancer Patients Aid Association (www.cpaaindia.org)
Governing Board Member of the Bombay Mothers’ and Children Welfare Society (www.bmcws.com)
Chairperson, of the Justice H.K. Chainani Elder’s Home.

Maya fulfills her duties with compassion, love and commitment.




D.R. Kaarthikeyan

Chairperson, Unity in Diversity – World Civil Society India

D. R. Kaarthikeyan is a farmer-turned, lawyer-turned, senior police officer-turned, Human Rights activist-turned, promoter of Inter-faith Harmony and environmentalist. He held very high positions in the Government of India including Director General of the National Human Rights Commission, Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation and Director General of the Central Reserve Police Force.

He has visited over 120 countries participating in and addressing Conferences relating to various subjects of human welfare including fighting violence, crime and terrorism, and promoting Environment, Human Rights and Inter-faith Harmony.

His commendable services have been recognized and honoured by the Government and Non-Governmental Organisations. He was awarded by President of India with Medal for Meritorious Service and Medal for Distinguished Service. 

Other honours include Atma Jyoti (Light of the Soul); Delhi Ratna (Jewel of Delhi); Humanitarian Award; Centenarian Paramacharya Award; Rajiv Gandhi Award for Communal Harmony; FOR THE SAKE of HONOUR from many Rotary and prestigious civil society organizations from India and Abroad.

He is currently associated with several organizations promoting spirituality, value based education, health for all, welfare of the rural people and farmers, environment and clean and Renewable Energy. He has edited and published several books and articles on various subjects.

His popular publications include, “Triumph of Truth-The Rajiv Gandhi Assassination-The Investigation” and “Human Rights-Problems and Solutions”. President of India, in recognition of his distinguished service to the Nation, has awarded the title “Padma Shri”, one of the highest National Awards of India.

He constantly travels participating in many events both in India and outside.

A couple of recent noteworthy events in which he was invited to participate and address are –

International Day of Yoga Celebrations at Lisbon, Portugal again and again

On Invitation, he participated in the International Day of Happiness event at the United National Headquarters at New York on 20th March 2016 and addressed an International gathering committed to create a World of Peace, Harmony, Prosperity and Happiness.

Even last week he delivered the Bharat Ratna Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Commemoration Lecture at the ISRO (Space) Headquarters at Bangalore.


Roshani Shenazz Nadirshah

Director – GDF Unity in Diversity, India
Founder – WHOLEistic Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd.

And Meher Roshani Foundation – Mumbai, India


Roshani Shenazz is an approved Therapist by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).
She is a best selling Author of her 1st book Angels Speak and is a Wholeistic Living Spiritual Coach, Mentor and Empowerist, who conducts Spiritual Growth Workshops, Seminars, Book Readings, Meditations, Retreats etc., through self Founded, Spiritual Wholeistic Living ™Centre “Sparkling Angels Wholeistic Living & Holistic Healing.”
In the second innings of her inspirational life, Roshani Shenazz conducts Spiritual Growth/Inner Potential Workshops, Seminars, Retreats, Meditations, and Sessions, in India and across the World. Her Angel Soul Therapy Practitioner and other Integrated Healing and Transformational workshops are deep rooted intensive work done at a core level. 
A dynamic 23 years in media and films, where she worked for some of the biggest names in TV and the Indian Film Industry was interrupted by an unfortunate prolonged illness compounded by sheer medical negligence during 2005-2006, which got her temporarily immobilized waist downwards. Financially broke and living with her then 85 years old Father, she later sold her home to repay medical debts. Many other closures of her life, followed thereafter.
What stayed with her were implicit faith, fortitude, courage and determination to rise above it all. Interactions with two faith healers during her seeming illness and later an Angel book from a friend and the Charles Virtue Angel workshop in 2010, made Roshani more cognizant of the intervention of these powerful beings in human lives. Trusting her intuition despite financial obstacles, she quit a dream job to embark on her spiritual journey to enthuse people unveil their own divine potential and recognize the same in others. Transformation followed and still continues with Roshani inspiring many lives across the Globe to live their fullest potential and be inspired and empowered Universal Citizens. 

Roshani Shenazz is also the Founder of Meher Roshani Foundation, Mumbai. She has served as a Sr. Faculty – Producing, and is affiliated with The Whistling Woods International, the premium world acclaimed Film School in Mumbai, India. She is also affiliated with Institutions like; The Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management, and the Institutions under the HSNC Board, The Rotary Club (City Chapters), The REX Global Fellowship and  and the REX Speakers Bureau. She is the UN ICongo REX Global Fellow and Karmaveer Bronze and Silver Chakra Awardee; a Member at the – Unity in Diversity World Civil Society (UNAOC) – India Chapter and Global Dialogue Foundation and Mentee at – The Cherie Blaire Foundation, besides many other prestigious associations and collaborations.


Intercultural Open University (IOU),Nl
Prof. (Dr.) Subhash Chandra Associate Professor.(Hon.)

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in India,

Mission: To promote Global Culture of Peace & Harmony through
Peace & Harmonious Education and Transformational Leadership



  • Ph.D. – Doctorate of Philosophy in’ Peace Education & Human Development Management from Inter-cultural Open University (IOU), Opeinde, NL.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Ecology & Environment from I.I.E.E New Delhi, India.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Industrial Engineering ‘, from NIBM, Sri Lanka

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The Blue Ribbon Movement
Abhishek Thakore

Abhishek has been in social change since last 14 years now, starting with The Blue Ribbon Movement which he initiated as an 18 year old. Since then, work has involved engaging with UN processes, creating a South Asian movement of young leaders, doing large scale grass root activism in Mumbai (around both Civic Engagement and Gender) and exploring Leadership for Tomorrow.

Abhishek has engaged with UNAoC at the Summer School in Portugal, and then in the consultations in Shanghai. He has also supported the development of VOICE Magazine.


Kush Kalra is a Law Graduate from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, India and have done his under graduate specialization in human rights. He has written many articles which are published in national and international Journals of repute. Currently he is practicing in Delhi High Court. He believes that education can bring big difference to improve our lives. He also believes in Justice Krishna Iyer sayings “Something was dead in all of us, what was dead is hope and positivity”.


  • Regional Finalist (Punjab) of International Climate Champions, 2009 Organised by British Council & Teri.  
  • Finalist Social Work (India), of Global Scholar-Education world 2009, Young Achievers Awards.
  • Winner Green Apple Award for Environment, 2010
  • Winner Karmaveer Puruskar for Human Rights Initiatives, 2010
  • Recipient of Kamla Chowdhry Fellowship from Centre for Science and Environemnt, June, 2011  
  • Regional Finalist, 2011 Youth Volunteer of the Year Awards, an Apeejay Surrendra Group Centenary Initiative 
  • Attained the Gold Standard of the International Award for Young People, The Duke of Edinburgh , Dated 1-11-2011 
  • Awarded Gandhi Fellowship, 2012
  • Member Indian Youth Delegation to China, 2012 
  • Membership Officer International Bar Association, Student Committee.
  • Attended 3rd UNAOC Summer School organized by University of Aveiro and the Euro-Mediterranean University, which was held in Coimbra, Portugal from 5 to 12 August, 2012.    
  • Record Holder for Most Human Rights Awareness Programs (India Book of Records) May, 10, 2012   
  • Record Holder for Most Books on Law Published in a Year (Single Author), 20 September, 2013 (India Book of Records)  
  • Recipient of National Youth Award, 2012-13
  • Record Holder for Most Books on Law Published in a Year (Single Author), Worldrecordsindia.com

Graduated (B.A.  LL.B (Hons.)  from  Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala, Punjab Percentage Secured in Graduation:  67%

Jayam Charitable Trust (JCT)
M.Muthukrishnan Artist
Individual member
Praveena Nair

Global Citizens for Sustainable Development
Mr. John Anugraha – Executive Director

Mr. John Anugraha is an Education and Development Practitioner. John, as a youth leader and peace activist, was awarded during the UN International Year of Youth in 2010, the Honorary title of Millennium Development Ambassador with due recognition of his services towards achieving Millennium Development Goals and Youth Development by the Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organization.

John is an avid traveler and has been sowing the seeds of ?global citizenship? during his travel all across the globe. John is the Founder and Executive Director of Global Citizens for Sustainable Development (GCSD), a not-for-profit organization based in Bangalore, India which focuses on youth leadership and youth empowerment, peace and culture, environment and other social development issues. John also runs the Vedike Eco-Residential School and Global Citizens’ Learning Centre  that focuses on education for migrant workers’ children and rural to urban migrant communities.

He is the Coordinator of the Asian Citizens Assembly and Founder of inter-generational forums such as China-India Forum, Japan-India Forum, Korea-India Forum and Sri-Lanka India Forum that are actively engaging and empowering young leaders to work towards peace and achieving sustainable development goals.

As the Asia-Pacific representative at the UN-Habitat Youth Advisory Board from 2008 – 2015, John was actively involved in youth mainstreaming and empowerment strategies, including drafting and lobbying governments to adopt Youth Resolutions. John has also played an important role in planning and implementation of the UN-HABITAT Urban Youth Fund.

John enjoys his work in social activism and cultural youth exchanges. He teaches children at VEDIKE Eco-residential School, facilitates thematic sessions on issues around leadership, rural and sustainable development for young people. He heads various short-term Study Abroad Programs in India for International universities and experiential learning programs for schools and colleges in Bangalore. He has facilitated programs for universities such as J.F.Oberlin (Japan) and University at Albany (USA) for more than seven years in India. 



Auto Functional Green Movement
Prof. Jyoti Goswami

Thomson Reuters
Mr. Jaideep Kewalramani – VP Operations

Shibani Belwalkar
Ms. Shibani Belwalkar

Mr. Gobind Gurbani – National President

Dr. N.S.Ravishankar

Dr. N.S.Ravishankar holds 30yrs of versatile and all round experience in Banking, finance and administration. A deeply committed social worker, Dr. Ravishankar has been rendering selfless meritorious service in the field of rural development, youth welfare programmes and tribal development. He is known both nationally and internationally for his battle against the alarming onslaughts of Environment pollution and problems of tribal people. He has also played a leading role in social, cultural and educational fields and is actively associated with numerous social-cultural organisations in our country. A prolific writer, Dr. Ravishankar has written thought provoking articles in various prestigious news papers, magazines and periodicals on diverse subjects of topical interests. He has participated in numerous conferences and seminars, both national and international, where the papers presented by him promoted intellectual refinement and spiritual enlightenment, there by contributing to world peace.

Uzma Naheed

Founder & Director, IQRA Education Foundation

Uzma started her work in early 1980 when she produced her first audio cassette on stories from Quran giving authentic knowledge to Muslim children about various prophets in story form. The cassettes were developed with professional voices and sound effects to make them impressive.

The first cassette titled “Moosa (A.S.) aur Firaun# was a great success and shortly thereafter, she came out with four more cassettes titled Moosa & Firaun and Moosa and Bani Israel.

A Social Activist: Following the 1992-93 riots in Bombay, Uzma joined Bombay Aman Committee, a social organization working on rehabilitation. She established its women’s wing and worked tirelessly for many years.

Responding to the great need to provide Islamic education on modern scientific lines, IQRA Education Foundation Chicago (USA) was established. With a view to introduce this well-tested, comprehensive and systematic curriculum in India for the benefit of Muslim children, Uzma has in the year 2000 discussed with concerned Muslims of Bombay city and established Iqra Education Foundation, as a non-profit responding to the growing needs of Islamic Education for children, youths and adults. The goal of the program is to develop and Islamic personality through inculcation of Islamic values and nurturing of Islamic behavior. IQRA Program consists of books on various levels of education on varied subjects like; Qur’an, Hadith, Seerah, Fiqh, Aqaid, Akhlaq. The program is being taught in more than 40 countries all over the world. The vocabulary in the program is scientifically controlled for each level of study. IQRA curriculum has been translated into Urdu languages like Urdu, which is introduced in hundreds of schools all over the country. In the year 2006, the Hindi version of the curriculum was published, which was released in IQRA’s inter-faith program.

Uzma has helped in rehabilitation of poor families, particularly widows and orphans of those who lost their lives in civil disturbances, providing homes, arranging scholarships for children, making rations available for such families. It was during this period she learned that the poorest of the poor could not be fed on alms alone and they themselves should start economic activity to earn their livelihood decently. 

Uzma established an NGO named Assalah International during this period. While doing all her existing social work under the umbrella of this new organization, she started free technical courses for ladies in Mumbra near Mumbai.

Technical Institute for Girls: Uzma established Ladies Wing at M.H. Saboo Siddik Polytechnics managed and run by Anjuman-I-Islam. Twenty short time courses specially designed for Muslim girls were started including Fasion Designing, fabric, painting, screen printing and journalism both in Urdu and English. More than 3500 girls received diploma/certificates through these courses.  With a view to establish these girls in business, Uzma participated in various exhibitions and also organized a special exhibition to display and sell the products manufactured by these girls. 

In March 2017, Uzma was honoured with an International Award by World Trade Centre.

Uzma is an active member of Times Foundation of Times of India with whom IQRA has alos co-sponsored many inter-faith meetings. Uzma has been awarded by Times Foundation for her exemplary work. 

Through IQRA Education Foundation, Uzma has arranged 22 Teachers Training Programs, held in more than 15 cities across India and 2 cities in Bangladesh.

Uzma has addressed various fora over many years, including at the United Nations, various NGO conferences and also in the US by invitation of the US Government. She is also the Jt. Secretary-General of All India Education Movement, member Alliance of The United World – a Philippines based international NGO.

Sai Nambi

Sai works as an innovation consultant, process consultant and a facilitator in the field of strategy, business model and organizational/people development.
As a result of his own extensive business, consultation experience, he knows and understands the business conditions and requirements at the economic and human centric levels. He therefore accompanies companies with a practical business understanding. He is excellent at getting the best out of a discussion and discover insights.

Raminder Kaur – R.K. Gardens


Entrepreneur course under Goldman Sachs Women 10000

Sukhadia University, Udaipur

Sukhadia University, Udaipur
B.A Honors Philosophy

I am a landscaper and horticulturist based at Mohali,

I have a vast experience of 20 years in landscaping and
horticulture work.

My clients are corporates, privative/public sector
companies & government agencies


Chairperson of women entrepreneurs committee, Mohali

Industrial Association

Chairperson ISB Women entrepreneur alumni group,


Member FICCI FLO, Ludhiana chapter

Mohali Golf Range


Institute for Religion and Sustainable Development (IRSAD)
Realino Nurza – Executive Director

Realino earned bachelor degree on social Islam that focus on cross-culture communication study at Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic state University. His master degree was gained in integrated natural resources management under rural and regional development program at Andalas University in West Sumatra.

Since 2008, he held a responsibility as Executive Director of Institute for Religion and Sustainable Development (IRSAD) to actualize a vision of Establishing sustainable society and environment in Indonesia.
As practitioners and intellectual, he has various experiences in various projects such as Emergency response, disaster risk reduction and peace building at various national and International agencies in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. He also active now on consultant agency as team leader named Konsultan Pemberdayaan to share his development experience with commercial society and promote sustainable development as approach and perspective. In line with his focus, he involved as volunteer to empower youth student on development and social entrepreneurship. Promote young people and involve with social entrepreneur project that bring young people to prepare them self as businessman who oriented to sustainable development.

CRCS-UGM and BPNB Padang



SAL Global Connection & Cooperation ltd
Rosetta Gourgey Pardo – CEO



MetaHybrid project for Peace Security and Global Change
Suhair El Qarra  – Founder


World Radiance International
Peris  Nyambura Muiruri – C.E.O and Founder

Peris Nyambura Muiruri is the founder of World Radiance International and serves as the secretary and C.E.O. At World Radiance International–WRI which is not for profit-making NGO, Peris leads the efforts through a comprehensive strategic leadership in the training of the youth through one of a kind World Radiance International Clubs of Good Governance, sports ,talents and youth Parliament which are designed to increase youth participation in governance and equip them to effectively participate in decision making and assume leadership positions to shape the future of governance, leadership and economic growth and development across the globe. She has served at Chrisco fellowship as a youth leader, Founded Aiming high investment project self help group. She has also worked as a youth Director at Tabibu Ministries and later as the Personal assistant to the C.E.O Tabibu Cures International Ltd. Peris is on admission pursuing BA in Development studies at University of Eastern Africa Baraton. Her media appearance on advocacy include television interview and features on Kenya Television Network  News Dini na Ndoa topic episode (Marriage And Religion) on KIMASOMASO SHOW.
She strongly support Unity in Diversity and culture of peace and coexistence.


Network for Youth Advocacy Kenya

Safedrive Africa Foundation (SDAF)
Isaac Mutashi  – Executive Director

2010 – Present: Founder & Executive Director.
2007 – Present: Humanity for orphan’s widow initiative in Kenya (HOYWIK) Volunteer Associate Director.

2008 – Present: Handweavers Guild of East Africa: Project Manager.

2013 – Present: Founding member of Kenya civil societies Non motorist (NMT) under UNEP-Kenya.

2010 – Date Executive Director, Kenya Road safety ambassador & psychologist in the study of road user behavior among young people and advocating  behavior change to youth pedestrians including teen driving behavior, the dangers of using drugs and alcohol consumption visit www.safedriveafrica.org official facebook fun page www.facebook.com/SafedriveAfricaFoundation,

2007 to Date associate Director at the Program humanity for orphans widow initiative in Kenya (HOYWIK Programs) Volunteer 2008 to Date Project manager at the Handweavers Guild of East Africa, mentoring traumatized traffic affected victims and widows to overcome their dreams through hand weaving and spinning projects in support of the Bumble bee creative enterprise in Australia since 2009.Currently he’s proud supporter of unity and Diversity in African communities.

He has led & contributed to numerous research evaluating driver training, fleet and Road safety education in schools, advanced methods for drivers, and research to understand the needs of young people to save lives.

In 2010-2012 he was the lead author of an international evidence review of best practice for young drivers in Qatar and Central Asia. Mutashi work has been widely advocating for road safety for unity and diversity in Kenya, rest Africa, in 2013-2014 Central Asia & UAE road safety initiative, he has presented at various international awareness workshop and conferences. Mutashi has also served as a collision investigator attending crash scenes and providing psychological input to emergency crash respond, He has also worked for the UK Government, Department of State, and international Traffic police/forces.

Beside the daily activities, he’s passion is visiting children’s homes and mentoring with them with different skills including playing  football to encourage youth for future generation.




Youth Organisation “Shpresa
Enisa Murseli-Gjokaj

Founder: Working in NGO sector on Women Empowerment, Youth Development and Leadership, achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security.

Enisa holds a bachelor’s degree from the New York College Thessaloniki-Greece, Empire State Collage USA from the department of Political Science in the field of International Relations.

Project Coordinator of Drugs, Aids and Prostitution – IOM; Better think than act!  IOM and USAID; “Women in politics” – Robert Schumann Foundation; Women Rights Campaign– Municipality of Tetovo and OSCE; The Women Votes and the Gender Gap- US Embassy Skopje.

Full profile


Dr. Mirjana Maleska

Dr. Mirjana Maleska is a Professor at the Doctoral School of Political Science, University :Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje. She was long time Senior Fellow Researcher at the Institute for Sociological and Political Research, Skopje. From 2001 to 2012 she was a Full Professor of Political Science at the Southeast European University in Tetovo. Her specialties are political system, political parties and ethnic politics. She is the author or editor of a
number of books and numerous articles: ‘Ethnic Conflict and Accommodation’(1997); ‘Macedonian Old-New Issues’(BAN, 2001); ‘What kind of a political system did Macedonia get after the Ohrid Framework Agreement’(2005); ‘Painful Confrontation: Causes and consequences of 2001 deadly conflict’(BAN, 2002); ‘Power-Sharing-A new model of decision-making in the municipalities in Macedonia’(2007);‘Interethnic relations in Macedonia’ in ‘People Centered Analyses’ (2010); Professor Maleska is founder and editor-in chief of New Balkan Politics.


Prof. Dr. Mr. Qashif Bakiu

Holds a PhD of Political Science from Faculty of Low, Sofia University “Sveti Kliment Ohridski” Bulgaria, in the field of Political pluralism-Model of R. Macedonia. He has graduated from University of Sofia with a Master’s degree on Political Science, His Master Thesis was about Political Systems in Macedonia. He is a full time professor of Political Science at the Tetovo State University. His participation on different seminars and conferences, starting from Youth students movements till the civil society international conferences and forum have encouraged him in civil society sector in Macedonia. He has worked also as journalist, news editor in Macedonian national newspaper “Lajm”.
Mr.Bakiu is a co-founder of the Youth Balkan Forum – Sofia, Bulgaria, Founder of the NGO “The hand of Justice”-Skopje, Macedonia, Project manager of NGO “Tolerance”- Struga, Macedonia.

Ms. Svetlana Siljanoska
Ms. Svetlana holds a Master Degree in International Law from South East European University; her master thesis is focused on women rights. She holds a bachelor degree in Law studies at the Faculty of Law Sciences at South East European University. Over the past decade her work and focus are set in the civil society working for several NGO`s and cooperation with many International Organizations, working successfully on Minority inclusion, Non- Violent and Peaceful Communication, Conflict Resolutions, Cultural Protection and Ethnic diversity, Youth Development and Leadership, Gender Equality. Currently Ms. Svetlana is a team- member, project manager and project coordinator as well as representative of couple NGO`s and also in the Institute for Environment and Health at South East European University. Within
the Institute her work is dedicated on projects related to Energetic and also Environment protection. In her work resume stands one capital project which is construction of the Macedonian Airport, working in the top management. Ms. Sijlanoska, has also substantial number of certificates in additional education in the field of management and transformation of conflicts, international criminal law, European competition law and policy, international public law as well as English and Albanian Language. She has obtained numerous of trainings among which monitoring of expending public budget resources and protection of personal data in combating money laundering. Ms. Svetlana was engaged as representative in conferences and assemblies such as annual assemblies of youth coalitions, conferences for national volunteer strategies, law regulation changes, labor market analysis, energy efficiency (Organized by Governmental Bodies as well as International Organizations: OSCE, UN, EU, USAID, FOOM). She is also a member Macedonian National Youth Council.
In addition to her work as representative she enrolled several networking meetings and strategy planning activities.

Ismail Aliji

Holds Master of Conflict Analysis and Conflict Resolution from Sabanci University, Turkey, where he was also holding the position of teaching assistant at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He has graduated from Middle East Technical University, Turkey, with a BA degree in International Relations. Mr. Aliji has participated in numerous international conferences and trainings such as non- formal education for human rights, Helsinki Human Rights Committee, Ohrid, Macedonia; School of Tolerance, Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, Skopje, Macedonia; Leadership Seminar, Junior Chamber International, Ankara; Model
United Nations Conference with a topic of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany. He was also paper presenter and Macedonian delegate in Students of Turkic- world Congress, Bilkent University, Ankara. Mr. Aliji was president of the Association of Macedonian Students in Ankara; Columnist at web portal Young Macedonians; Trainer for social rights at the Toplum Gönüllüleri Foundation; Project Coordinator in School of Tolerance Project realized in Gostivar, Macedonia and led by Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution. Apart from his current job at the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidency of the Republic of Macedonia, he is also interested in promoting social responsibility and teaching conflict resolution with interactive methods.

Prof. Dr. Mrs. Vlera Ejupi

Holds a PhD of English Literature from South
East European University, where she works as a full time Professor. Mrs.Ejupi is a regular contributor to various Macedonian newspapers and journals. She has participated in numerous international conferences: “First Global International Conference-Europe Inside-Out. Europeaness Exposed to Plural Observers”-in Euroacademia, Vienna, as a participant in panel discussions, but also as a co-author of the research paper “The Politicization Of Europe” and she is a member of Euroacademia; Second ASSE International Conference on British and American Studies, “Nation,Nationality, Nationhood: What`s in a nation”, with the research study `Only me and my culture exist- ethnocentrism as an overcome cultural and political concept in intercultural communication`, in Tirana, Albania; 30 International Conference on Psychology and the Arts, with the research paper “The struggle against Thanatos in the novel `Lady Chatterle`s Lover` by D.H.Lawrence`”, at the University of Porto in Portugal. She has been involved in different research projects in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, as well as trainings, seminars and workshops in different. Apart from her professional background, she is also interested in promoting social responsibility.

Dzengis Huseini

Holds a Bachelor Degree from Faculty of Arts at Tetovo State University; He is a Project Manager at the Roma NGO “Sonce”. He has worked on several projects for the Roma community in Macedonia organized and covered from The World Bank, Soros, USAID, UNHCR, and Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. He is activist of the Decade of Roma Inclusion. His participation on different seminars and conference home and abroad, makes his more open for international cooperation. 

Orhan Ceka

Liberal Alternative Institute, Co-Director


Orhan has recently graduated from the Public Policy MA programs at Sabanci University, Istanbul- Turkey, also holding the position of teaching and research assistant in the Department of Social Sciences. Graduated from University of Bologna and Sarajevo with a Master?s degree on Human Right and Democracy, holding a BA degree in International Relations and Political Science from State University of New York, Tirana International Program. Spent one year at NYU, New York, through a fellowship from Open Society Institute. Participated in numerous international conferences: UWYC (Oxford), NATO International School (Baku), Education Without Borders (UAE), Cultural Innovators Network, Participative Culture of Remembrance (Belgrade-Sarajevo), Project Management (New York), European Identity and Citizenship (Rome), ViaFoundation Community Leaders (Czech Republic), etc. Involved in different research projects in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, as well as trainings, seminars and workshops in projects related to human rights, dealing with the past, European integration, etc. He has presented in conferences around Europe on hate speech and freedom of speech. He is co-founder and co-director of Liberal Alternative Institute. In LAI, he is the Departmental Chair for human rights, public policy, and historical dialogue and dealing with the past.


Name: Aldo Arce
Organization: Puerta Joven. Juventud, Cultura y Desarrollo

Embassy of Mexico – Beijing
Tanya Rebolledo-Branski

Tanya is currently posted at the Embassy of Mexico in Beijing, as a Third Secretary of the Mexican Foreign Service (2014). From 2010 to 2013, Tanya worked as European Representative of Espacio de Vinculación, A.C. (EVAC), seeking to create new dialogue spaces and professional and education opportunities for youth in the Ibero-American region. She also held different positions with Mexican broadcasting company Televisa, linked to the Telecommunications, Consumer Policy and Emerging Markets Committees at the OECD, as well as with LM Communications, an audiovisual consulting agency based in Paris. She has previously worked in different international public, civic and academic organizations, such as Doctors of the World UK, ImPOWER, the LSE Public Policy Group, the Mexican Delegation to the OECD, the Embassy of France in Malaysia, the Competitiveness Department of the Municipality of Puebla-Mexico, Sistema Integral para la Familia (DIF) and the World Trade Organization. In these different roles, she developed policy analysis, institutional research, coordination, client engagement and logistic functions. She holds a Double MSc in International Affairs from the London School of Economics and Sciences Po-Paris, as well as a Masters in Public Administration from the Ecole Nationale d?Administration, where she specialized in decentralized cooperation in Mexico and in France. Tanya is fully fluent in English, French and Spanish, and a beginner in Chinese and German. Tanya is a Fellow of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank “Leaders of Tomorrow” Program


Population Permanent Committee
Dr. El Bachir Mouad

Obtained his PhD in Literature and Human Sciences from the Sidi Med Ben Abdellah University, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences- Fes, Morocco. He worked as a prof of linguistics at the Ibn Zohr University (Agadir- Morocco), and as a prof of English Language at the Faculty of Juridical, social and economic sciences at Ibn Zohr University. Dr. El Bachir Mouad was also a member of the organizing committee for the Fourth United Nations for the Alliance of Civilizations Forum organized on the period 11-13 December 2011 at Doha (Qatar).


2014: PhD. In Literature and Human Sciences (Specialization: Intercultural Dialogue in International Charts and Declarations)

Sidi Med Ben Abdellah University Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences- Fes, Morocco

2008-2010: MA in Dialogue of Cultures in the Arabic Islamic Culture

Sidi Med Ben Abdellah University Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences- Fes, Morocco

2014: Certificate Program in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy (English Language)

Institute for Cultural Diplomacy   Berlin- Germany

2005- 2006: 1st year in Higher Education, UFR: “Comparative literary studies: postcolonial discourse”

Sidi Med Ben Abdellah University Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences- Fes Saiss, Morocco

2006 – 2007: 1st year of the first cycle,

Al-Karaouine University, Faculty of Islamic Shari’a and Law Fes Saiss-Morocco

2002- 2003: BA in English Literature and Language

Ibn Zohr University, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences. Agadir, Morocco

2000- 2001: Diploma of General University Studies (DEUG) (English)

Ibn Zohr University, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences. Agadir, Morocco

Dr. Elbachir Mouad is now a Translator of the Permanent Population Committee in Qatar, and member of other international centers interested in dialogue among civilizations, cultural relations and cultural diversity. He is also a writer.


SAATH, National Law College and Thames International College
Lachhindra Maharjan, MSW, MA – Associate

Lachhindra is a member, associate and supporter of GDF Unity in Diversity – World Civil Society. He was the only representative from Nepal at United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Youth Event and Global Forum in Vienna 2013.

Holds double Master’s Degree in Social Work from Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii, USA and in Sociology from Guru Nanak Dev University, India. 

He has worked for several non-profit organizations in Nepal and USA. He was a board member of National Association of Social Workers, Hawaii Chapter from 2011 to 2012. 

He is passionate to work for youth leadership development, social and financial education for youth, intercultural understanding, religious freedom, post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding.

Currently, he is associated with SAATH, National Law College and Thames International College, Kathmandu. He also works as Research Consultant for national and international organizations.


Gulf Art Guide
Neil van der Linden                             


Mike Handcock – Senior Director, Global Dialogue Foundation

Administrative Board of Directors

From a background as a financial planner, senior manager of New Zealand’s largest financial institution and Master Wealth Coach for XL Results Foundation, the leading entrepreneur organization in the world Mike Handcock is an innovator, author, musician and professional international speaker and coach. He has written six books including a best seller nominated for self improvement book of the year. His books are available in 6 countries.

Mike has spoken and coached more than 30,000 people in twenty countries. He has been called Asia’s leading Edu-Tainer and one of the Top Ten Coaches in Asia Pacific. He consistently scores over ten out of ten on the quality of his coaching.

With a background in senior management for a leading corporate, Mike is an entrepreneur. He currently owns no less than five businesses globally and is a board member of SAGE Foundation committed to assisting underprivileged children in India. Mike is a passionate musician with nine albums to his credit and is a life member and master wealth coach of XL Results Foundation now the world’s largest entrepreneur network.

Rock Your Life- is driven by Mike’s passion to assist others to play a bigger game for themselves and the planet through attaining wealth,purpose and to have an extraordinary life, with a social conscience. It is an incredible life shaping experience that combines music, education and philosophy.

Graziella Thake, Director-Cultures, Civilisations & Ethnicity
Global Dialogue Foundation

CEO & Founder of  ICP Conscious Academy

Graziella Thake, the founder and director of ICP Global Academy, its Leadership Institutes and the foundation for Social responsibility is an executive coach, and ex forensic and corporate psychologist who has come form a long history of philanthropy and professional work. Graziella brings much more to executive coaching than simply her extensive experience gained by the position of Director and CEO of various companies.  She also brings the knowledge and experience of many years practicing Forensic Psychology, Sports and Team Psychology and Organisational Psychology.

Graziella uses this knowledge not only to help individuals and organisations attain success but also to give back to the community in which we all operate.  Ten percent of Graziella’s time, as aligned with our company philosophy, is dedicated to CSR and of recent times this has risen with the dedication to the development of the foundation for social responsibility,


Oyebisi Babatunde Oluseyi
Nigeria Network of NGO’s

Executive Director of Nigeria Network of NGO’s, the first generic membership body for civil society organizations in Nigeria that facilitates effective advocacy on issues of poverty and other developmental issues. Set up: 1992 with over 1000 members. The main area of activities is Networking. www.nnngo.org

Recent project/s – local or international: Raised awareness on Unity in Diversity events of UNAOC in Nigeria.

Previous employer UNICEF, www.unicef.org
As the Global Coordinator, UNICEF Rural Voices of Youth. Oyebisi has worked on various developmental and policy issues such as Youth Mentoring, Volunteerism, Poverty, Rural Development, Child Rights, Gender, Education, Civic Engagement, Government policies, Information Communication Technology for Development and the MDGs through the Nigeria Network of NGOs and has also been contributing to the global development space through participation and speaking engagement at various national and global events including advocacy and campaigns which has seen him visiting all continents of the world except the Antarctica.

Rotaract Club of Makurdi Central
Moses Dooyum Tingir – President

Moses is a 27 year old Nigerian who lives in the city of Makurdi, Central Nigeria.

He studied Psychology at the Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria. He went for the mandatory one year national youth service in Kano, North-west Nigeria.

He resides in Makurdi and works for Nature Minds Charity, an NGO that scouts for talented children with the prime aim of helping them realize their full potentials in life. He is deeply involved in community service and he is the President of the Rotaract Club of Makurdi Central; a community-based, humanitarian service organization for young people.

He loves travelling and meeting new people. But mostly, He loves writing articles, and biographies. He also loves helping people in need especially orphans and displaced people.

Mr. Tingir is also involved in research, especially in the areas of addictionsalcohol and drug abuse, as well as peace and conflict resolution.

Global Alert For Defence of Youth and the Less Privileged (GADYLP) and United Nations of Youth Network Nigeria (UNOY)
Prince Goodluck Obi – President/CEO and Project Manager.

Individual member
Olabode Babatunde C

Unity In Diversity Initiative (UIDI)
Rev. Dr. Benneth Mozie – National Chairman CEO 

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation
Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba, PhD

Goodwash Foundation for Health and Environmental Protection
Anumnu Ikenna – Program Manager

International Sacred College of Bishops and Archbishops
Valentine Nwankwo – Founder

Youth For Transparency International
Vera Daniel – National Project Coordinator

Individual member
Morenike Ajiborisha

African Centre for Development and Research
Adetola Ojeniyi

Youth Life Foundation Of Emmanuel Bako (Yolfeb International)
Emmanuel Bako, President

International Youth Council – Nigeria Chapter
Promise Ozuzu, Country Chairperson/National Advisor

Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah – CEO

Markengee Home for orphans and widows

My name is Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah,

Fellow – Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI RLC) 2016,

A multi award-winning Social Entrepreneur,

Member, International Exchange Alumni,

Member- IRC Abuja,

Nominee, – UN Women Empower Women Global Champion for Change 2016,

Public Speaker,

Event facilitator and

Consultant specializing in Social Entrepreneurship.

Ijeoma is the Founder of the Markengee Group (Markengee

Touchinglives International and Markengee Home for

Orphans & Widows.

She is an alumnus of the Enterprise Development Center (EDC), and one of the Top 100 Women entrepreneurs in the maiden edition of Cherie

Blair Foundation’s Road to Growth programme. 

We empower women and youths through Capacity

building workshops and trainings. Through our weekly

media rally and annual Community Outreach Programmes

we have touched the lives of thousands of women and

youths who are also passionate be the best that they can be in life.

I can be reached through the following links-about.me/ijeomaobiajunwa-ajiamah

https://ng.linkedin.com/in/ijeoma-obiajunwa- ajiamah-3180491b


Tweet @Mahowfoundation ,

Instagram @Markengeefoundation





Markson Ajiamah – Managing Director

Marksenge Nig Ltd

Comfort Yubuin – Barrister and Solicitor at Law

  • Fellow, Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators,
  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) practitioner,
  • Gender and child right promoter,
  • Social entrepreneur, 
  • An event (MICE) planner,
  • A Chartered Secretary and Administrator,
  • A trainer on Negotiation, Peace building and Conflict Resolution,
  • A volunteer with organizations including Child Justice Clinic (CJC),
  • A Principal State Council in Taraba State Ministry of Justice.

         Comfort is a member of  some  professional bodies which include the:

  • Nigerian Bar Association ( NBA), 
  • International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Nigeria, 
  • Association of professional negotiators and mediators(APNM),
  • Institute of Chartered Mediators and Concilators(ICMC),
  • Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria (ICSAN)


She is dedicated to duty and always committed to success in her assignments and can accomplish great tasks without supervision. She has good sense of Emotional Intelligence and relates well with team members.

Comfort Yubuin is the

founder of COMFORT HUMAN RIGHT FOUNDATION, an NGO engaged in the promotion and protection of the rights of the indigent, particularly women and children. We offer pro-bono legal and para legal services to indigent citizens and victims of abuses, ADR, advocacy, training and seminars, awareness creation, empowerment through capacity building and practical mentoring.
We reach out to the voiceless and those at the grass roots.
We collaborate with both state and non-state actors who are stakeholders in our area of intervention.
We also advocate for inclusive peace processes and conflict resolutions, for a violence-free, united and harmonious society.


Global Relief Somali Foundation                                                        
Ibrahim Hassan – Leader


Muhammad Asif Noor
Organization: Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies,

Building Bridges through Informed Dialogue
Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies is an independent, non-governmental and not-for-profit think tank that aims to provide strength to global peace through dialogue and diplomacy by sharing knowledge, research, analysis and policy development in the areas of, peace-diplomacy, peace-building, conflict resolution, conflict transformation and conflict management.  The main objective is to provide neutral space to stakeholders to share ideas, exchange views, experiences, understanding of the issues through innovative research and practices worldwide.

Masters Degree in Defence and Strategic Studies from Quaid-I-Azam University and another M.A in Pakistan Affairs and Diploma in Peace & Futuristic Studies.

President Community Support Programme (CSP)

Editor-in-Chief/Publisher, Pakistan’s First Multilingual Magazine, The Diplomatic Insight, www.thediplomaticinsight.com
National Coordinator, Pakistan National Club for United Nations (PNCUN)
President: Community Support Programme(CSP)   (www.csppk.org)
Chief Coordinator, Quaid-i-Azam University Alumni Association, Pakistan (www.qaualumni.org)
Director, Quaidian Commoners Academy, Pakistan  (www.qcacademy.com.pk)
Board Member, Liberal Forum Pakistan.  (www.lfp.org.pk)

Full profile

National College of Arts
Nadeem Omar


COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Masood ur Rehman Azhar  – Lecturer
University of Sargodha
Sidra – Lecturer
Hameed ul Mehdi – Executive Director
Khadim Ul Khalaq Foundation
Tariq Mehmood – Assistant director
Broader Middle East and North Africa Association of Young Scientists
Muhammad Qasim – President


OneVoice Palestine

Samer Makhlouf – Executive Director

Samer is from the West Bank town of Jifna. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Birzeit University in Palestine and has extensive international training in fundraising and non-profit management, including a cultural exchange mentorship program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. In addition to his work with OneVoice, Samer has 10 years of experience in a broad range of non-profit and business organizations in Palestine. Prior to his post in OVP, Samer served as the head of Ramallah?s Al Kasaba Theater & Cinematheque Programs & Development Department. As a member of the Palestinian Council for Young Political Leaders, he has established a wide network of connection with Palestinian politicians, organizations, and institutes. Samer is also the President of the Jifna Youth Club and the leader/organizer of the Jifna?s Apricot Cultural Festival, one of the largest, most popular and well known festivals in Palestine.

Samer Makhlouf is currently holding the position of the Executive Director of OneVoice Palestine. In this position, Samer oversees the different programs and activities of the movement in Palestine, maintains the strong network of volunteers and activists, and works toward building a coalition of civil society organizations in support of the two-state solution. Through OneVoice, Samer has organized grassroots campaigns, training seminars, and discussion panels throughout the West Bank. He also regularly engages with elected leaders across the political spectrum?both national and local officials?through town hall meetings, which bring together leaders and Palestinian citizens to discuss the issues of the conflict. Under Samer?s leadership, OVP has grown to become the second largest youth movement in Palestine with over 500 core activists in all the governorates of the West Bank. Through OVP?s Youth Leadership Program, these activists are empowered to be young moderate political leaders capable of leading their communities in achieving a comprehensive peace agreement according to the international resolutions through the two-state solution.




Empowering The Tribes For Entire Development                              
Datu Lanelio T. Sangcoan – Founding President


North-South Centre – Council of Europe
Miguel Carvalho Da Silva

Graduated in International Relations (Diplôme de Recherche et Etudes Internationales,  INALCO-Sorbonne University, Paris)

Global Education Programme Manager
Coordination of Global Education PEDAGOGICAL support scheme

  • Global Education Guidelines
  • Global Education on-line training course 
  • Global Education & Youth Training for Trainers

(GE Guidelines drafting, revising and translation process;
GE e-learning scheme content creation under the topics of Human Rights Education, Intercultural Dialogue and Democratic Citizenship;
GE training for trainers content creation)

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Wajiha Haris
Organization: Scheherazade Foundation

President and Founder
Scheherazade Foundation’s mission is to serve children from all backgrounds irrespective of their race, religion or gender through building enduring partnerships with the government, the corporate sector and civil society. Scheherazade endeavors to improve healthcare, promote life saving advancements and sponsor protection of children, and is of the belief that true success comes through sharing of ideas, aspirations, convictions, and problems.

UNICEF, UNDP and UNHCR. Wajiha has implemented projects with significant impact in Pakistan, Dubai, Czech Republic and Romania (where she currently resides).

Projects successfully completed include raising € 3 million for the complete renovation of the largest children’s hospital in Romania, renovation of a children’s ambulatory section in the city of Constanta which serves a population of 45,000 children around the region. She also raised funds for the renovation and vocational training seminars of a facility that houses abandoned/abused and drug addicted children.

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Partnership for Europe Association
Drujinin Victor – President


Arzumanyan Sofia
Organization: Education Support Foundation NOOSFERA



“NOOSFERA” was established as Education Support Foundation in 2003. Its activity focuses on working out various educational projects for children and youth. The main project is tolerance education. During 10 years the employees of the foundation created and held educational projects in such areas as art, applied science, business, religions, foreign languages, ecology, children’s charity, ethnography, astronomy etc.

Professional background

Expert in methods of teaching and organizing a teaching process.

Author of the first text-book for Russian Customs “English for Customs”
Author of a number of books on teaching tolerance (Religious culture of the world, World kids’ games, Simulation game “UNESCO” etc)
Author of a book  “Fairy-tails for grown ups” on the basis of Hindu Mahabharata.

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Miomir Rajcevic
Organization: Media Education Centre


President of the Media Education Centre, President of the Global-TION, Head of Media Laboratory; Balkan PLUS International Film Festival, Artistic Director; Executive Director of the International Youth Media Summit…

Miomir Rajcevic is Director, Cinematographer and Scriptwriter, working as an author/co-author on serials: At The Edge of Permitted ; The Color of my Life; Author of TV serial for youth PORTRAITS, Author of TV serial TRIPTYCH about young people with handicap… He has more than 35 years of experience in filming and producing 16mm and 35mm films for TV in several hundred projects covering documentaries, educational, theatrical, art and news reports, short and animated films etc., as well as of ENG , Digital and HD productions. Always very much involved in work with young people (Young directors, presenters and actors) specially producing for young people in many serials.




Atlantic International School School

Irene Manos – Project Coordinator



Tahira Amir Sultan Khan

ASKSphere LLP – Founder


ahira is an inspirational Leader and Visionary who is adept at communicating and impacting change within individuals, across groups and organisations. Her inner drive for cross-cultural collaborations, focussed on Unity in Diversity.
She has about 20 years of of training & consulting experience across Asia and the Middle East to both the public and private sectors. She has developed deep knowledge on eGovernance as well as the mobile technology industry. As the elected President for Mobile Alliance Singapore (2014), an initiative of International Enterprise Singapore. She was also the appointed Chair of the Value-added Services Stream of the biggest Internet/Mobile Show in Asia and judge for the Mobile Application competition organised the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (iDA). Prior to that, she has held the posts of Vice President from 2012 to 2013.
As an entrepreneur, Tahira has founded 2 companies, one of which has been successfully operating for 15 years, This company, MicroUsability, has serviced on-location projects in 22 cities across 15 countries, servicing more than 150 corporate clients. 
At the same time, as an Author, she has released an award-winning creative non-fiction book titled ‘Through The Golden Door : The Doorway to Our Advancement’. The underlying message of her book is on Unity. Her readers come from various cultural, racial and religious backgrounds. She has notable readers that include the Past President of the Inter-religious organization of Singapore, the Advisory Board Member of the Singapore President, Asian Head of JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and more. Recognised as a gift author and now Speaker-Changemaker, she has been interviewed on major TV channels namely ChannelNewsAsia and StarPlus.

In essence, Tahira’s businesses and her books have one thing in common – to have a deep understanding of people’s needs. how they think and work, and how to impact change and transformation in their lives.  

Awards & Certifications 
  • Lady of Inspiration Award 2017
  • ASEAN Lady of Excellence Award 2016.
  • MBA International Business (Melb) High Distinction – 1998
  • BSc in Computer & Mathematical Sciences (UWA) – 1991 to 1993


Mary Bollen – President


Rehana Moosajee Consulting
Rehana Moosajee

Rehana was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Wits University.

She has been a community activist, local government councillor and has now set up her own company to focus on transformation, change and inspiration.

As the Member of the Mayoral Committee for Transport in the City of Johannesburg she achieved what many deemed to be impossible when she led the team that delivered Africa’s first full bus rapid transit system – Rea Vaya.

Rehana has been invited to and participated in a variety of local and international events focussed on celebrating diversity and deepening authentic connection beyond the superficial. She was a guest of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University in Mount Abu, Rajasthan India at the “Peace of Mind Retreat” and has also participated in the “Call of the Time” Dialogues and is an advisory member for the Write to God Gauteng project. She has also been a guest of the Turquoise Harmony Institute on an inter-faith / intercultural visit to Turkey. Rehana is a member of the Transformational Leader’s Academy global Circle of Excellence under the auspices of Rock Your Life. She collaborates with the Prem Rawat Foundation focusing on cultivating inner peace.

Rehana is a founding board member of PlayAfrica children’s museum.
In the course of 2014 Rehana has spoken in Leipzig, Germany and Boston, USA.
She has collaborated with Talk Radio 702 to deepen authentic conversation in South Africa.

Francisca Dos Santos


Vivienne Abrahams Aliveriotis

Born and raised in Cape Town, classically trained as a Ballet Dancer, is Founder, Artistic & Creative Director of Art with heArt Africa a non-profit organization.  Its primary focus is on uplifting vulnerable women and children in particular.

A Peace Advocate – processing Peace with school learners, community organizations and promoting Peace through public talks, nationally (she recently spread Peace in conjunction with 16 days of Activism – a campaign against violence & abuse toward Women and Children

A champion for the poor and forgotten

Worked as the Project Manager for the Mpumalanga Traditional Art Market

A crafter, working and facilitating workshops on how to create jewelry with waste materials, a beader who does mural making, and writer of short stories and poet.

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Priyanga Premarathne – Chairman & CEO

ProSEES Consultancies Pty. Ltd.

We are working on promoting social, economic and environmental sustainability for the people in Sri Lanka.  In particular, consultancies /studies related to disaster risk reduction, environmental conservation areas. We are interested to work on social cohesion and diversity promotion with respect to peace and harmony in the world. We are currently working with and already been involved with Unity in Diversity. our expectation is more reconciliation and understanding among ethnic groups and we would like to implement different initiatives to assist those expectations come true.


Swedish Muslims for Peace & Justice


Joel Atitsogbe
Organization: CO-HABITER

1. Personal information:

  • Social Worker, Fachstelle für sexuelle Gesundheit
  • International Co-coordinator, Alliance de la Francophonie pour le Post 2015, la Migration et le Développement
  • Master in Social work – Master in Demography

CO-HABITER is an International Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which positions itself as a mediator for a “better living together” of multicultural societies. http://www.co-habiter.ch/index.php?lang=en

It intends to involve itself in the promotion of a harmonious and peaceful coexistence of the majority and minority groups in general, and also of established persons and newcomers in the European and Swiss societies in particular.

CO-HABITER works particularly towards this objective through actions establishing intercultural dialogue among the components of the society that will have to live together.

In its commitment, a singular emphasis is put on the young people and their acquisition of intercultural skills.

CO-HABITER also contributes to the National and European debates on issues of living together.

On the extra-European level, it initiates and supports activities which aim at improving knowledge and a better understanding of Africa.

It also participates in the democratization process and development of the continent through various activities.

The organization has national representative in more than 15 countries across Europe and Africa.

Recent projects

  • Swiss civil society for High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development, International
  • No Hate Speech Movement, 2012 – 2014, European level
  • Alliance de la Francophonie pour le Post 2015, la Migration et le Développement, international
  • European youth Intercultural dialogue training, 2010, 2011, 2012, Switzerland


Jeunesse Pionnière
Dagbedji Kokou Tinny – Program Officer


Individual member
Meriem Ben Mosbeh 


GISAM, Middle East Technical University, Ankara,
Yesim Capli – Instructor, International Communication and International News 


Moses Bwambale Kyamakya
Organization: Ray of Hope Africa (RAHA)

Executive Director/Founder.
RAHA was established in 2007 and has 4 full time Staff and 10 Volunteers. The main area of activities are: Human Rights and Peace, Economic Empowerment, Health and HIV&AIDS.

Recent project/s:
Carlos Ventura Brazil – St. Paul Kyasenda Partnership
Community Sports competition
Inter School Debate, Painting and Essay Writing Competitions
International Day of Peace event
Village Women self help Groups for Income Generation
Youth effort for community transformation
Stay Safe from HIV&AIDS
Household sanitation for a healthy community
Education for Orphans and war victims
Peace Clubs for School and local communities
MasterPeace Uganda, www.masterpeace.org– Country Coordinator (2009 – present)

Education / Professional background
Msc. Population Studies, Makerere University Kampala
Bsc. Population Studies, Makerere University Kampala
ICT Policy and Strategic Planning, Diplo Foundation
Project Design, Planning and Implementation, Makerere University Kampala
Monitoring and Evaluation, Makerere University Kampala

Action For Children – Research, M&E Officer (2005 – 2007)

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Village Care Development Foundation (VCDF)
Kabuye Deo – Director

Power Talent Search
James Kaliisa – Public Relations Officer

East African Community Youth Union
Odong Amos – Chairman

WCS Vice President – Religion, Faiths & Traditional Faiths
United Kingdom
Name: Kiran Bali MBE JP

Kiran Bali MBE JP has carried out action around interfaith cooperation
and community relations for many years, She was awarded the MBE honour in the UK, and her interfaith efforts have been recognised globally.

She has addressed the UN general assembly on women’s empowerment and interfaith dialogue and been the keynote speaker at environmental
conferences as an Ambassador for Climate action.

She brings strength at both a leadership and a grassroots level as a global Hindu interfaith leader.

Foundation for International Collaboration
Roger Prentis



Name: Yin-Chu Jou
Organization: Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, Inc. (FAF)

Artistic Director (since 2005) & International Programs Director
Representative to UN & UNESCO

FAF is an NGO established in 1973 by Fulbright Scholar Harry Morgan and Cappy Devlin and the founders of Readers Digest Lila and DeWitt Wallace, with formal affiliation with the United Nations Department of Public Information and associate in Operational Relations with UNESCO http://faf.org/main/

Ms. Jou organizes and develops all FAF’s music programming worldwide including international music exchanges, some of which involve dance, theater or other related art forms, its Feel the Music! Project for the families of the victims of 9/11 (2005), the United Cultures Peace (UC Peace), Performing Arts Festival that takes place during the Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations, and The Rhythms of One World International Choral Festival in New York City (2012 and 2013). Senator Hillary Clinton (NY), Congresswoman Nita Lowey (NY) and Congressman Christopher Shays (CT) had formally endorsed her work.

Manhattan School of Music Post Graduate, Piano Performance, 2002 – 2004
University of the Philippines – Masters of Music, Piano Performance, 2000 – 2002
St. Scholastica’s College Bachelor of Music, Piano Performance, 1993 – 1998,
Graduated Magna cum laude honors

Ms.Jou was

  • Co-founder of the Youth Symphony for United Nations, a project affiliated with Symphony for United Nations led by Maestro Joseph Eger (2006)

  • Key organizer of 2009 Friendship Tour to Nepal-India & “Women, Water, & Food Security” Conference in Calcutta, India by the Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund (10/2009)

  • Key organizer of a benefit for UNICEF-USA’s Haiti Relief through a combined choral & orchestral concert in Washington, DC that gathered 200 young artists from the US East and West Coasts united in music to benefit the children of Haiti during their time of need (4/2010)

  • Program director for the Lasallian Convocation on the Rights of the Child conference at the UN Headquarters in New York (4/2010)
  • Delegate to UNAOC Doha Pre-Forum, Consultation with CSOs (5/2011)

  • Founder & Festival Manager of the Rhythms of One World International Choral Festival, celebrating the anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter “We the Peoples”, at the UN Headquarters, NY and at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center

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U.S Center for Citizen Diplomacy & President AOS International
Ann Olsen Schodde – Founder, President Emeritus and Senior Advisor

Ann Olsen Schodde has held leadership positions in higher education and international non-profit organizations for over 35 years  during which she has consulted or managed educational and international  programs for more than 21 private foundations, professional associations and government agencies, including the Stanley Foundation, World Food Prize Foundation, National Council for International Visitors, Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, World Affairs Councils , Sister Cities, USAID, U.S. Departments of State and Education,  and the U.S. Ukraine Foundation. Her work has involved managing and directing educational exchange and technical assistance programs  in Tunisia, Ukraine, Malaysia, the Peoples Republic of China, Russia, France, the Middle East, Japan and Mexico.

Schodde has served on numerous boards and commissions including the National Continuing Education Association,  Association of American Community Colleges, the   Coalition for Citizen Diplomacy, the National Council for International Visitors, now Global Ties and has Chaired the Greater DM Sister Cities Commission. She has testified before Congress on behalf of continuing education and citizen diplomacy, worked with embassy staff from over 60 countries, and garnered financial support from the U.S. government and the private sector for citizen based international programs including the Johnson Foundation, Coca Cola Foundation, American Express, Gallup, and VISA.  In 2007 Schodde founded the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy and currently serves as President Emeritus and Senior Advisor for the Center which is a separate division of Pyxera Global, Washington, D.C. Her most recent article on citizen diplomacy occurred in the 2012 winter issue of the USC Public Diplomacy Journal.    Currently as President of AOS International, she is a frequent  speaker and consultant for non-profit international organizations in the United States and throughout the world.  Concurrently she serves on the boards of CultureAll, TaiInitiative, AEP Project and Hopeful Africa.   Schodde holds a B.A. degree from the University of Wisconsin and M.Ed. from Cornell University.  She resides in Des Moines, Iowa, is married to Dr. Stephen Schodde, J.D. and has three grown children.  
Mr. Effenus Henderson
President and CEO – HenderWorks, Inc.

Previously, Chief Diversity Officer for Weyerhaeuser Company, Federal Way, Washington where he advised the CEO and senior management team on diversity, inclusion and affirmative action related matters. He is an internationally recognized diversity thought leader and has been invited by numerous companies and organizations to share his expertise.  
He has addressed members of the General Assembly of the United Nations on intercultural and interreligious diversity, and also addressed a high level panel of the Alliance of Civilizations in Madrid, Spain in 2008, Istanbul Turkey in 2009 and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil earlier this year.


Unity in Diversity Peace Garden
Kiran Thawardas – Project Manager

Kiran began to work on the project at age 14, bringing the peace garden project to America, eventually creating the first inaugurated Unity in Diversity Peace Garden in the world at age 17. Thawardas has a great passion in the Unity in Diversity project and its mission with the hope of encouraging intercultural dialogue and understanding around the world and in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Volunteerism plays a great role in his life, being the service coordinator of his school’s National Honor Society and a chair member of his school’s Service Club. Graduating high school in May of 2015, he plans on pursuing a degree and career in engineering.

Macedonian Arts Council
Scarritt-Bennett Center
Marie Campbell – Assistant Director of Education


AKPAWU Yawo Dagbevi – National Coordinator

Institute for Peace and Transformational Leadership (I.P.T.L)
Remi Alapo – Director


Sherry Gupta – Executive Director



Matt Wills, Director, GDF Sanctuary, Global Dialogue Foundation

Manager – Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Centre, Vietnam
Matt has worked with wildlife insitu and exsitu for the past 11 years. He has worked with all taxa in various institutions around the world, including Whipsnade Wild Animal Park and London Zoo, UK; Sea World, USA; Melbourne Zoo, Australia, and in various institutions through Europe.
Matt holds a degree in Environmental Management and has been actively involved in Conservation in Cambodia and Vietnam for the past 5 years.
In 2006 he produced and coordinated the 1st Wild Animal Husbandry Workshop in Cambodia held at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre.

Matt has been working with Wildlife at Risk (WAR) in Vietnam for the past 14 months. WAR run the only multi-species wildlife rescue centre in Southern Vietnam and are actively involved in combating the fight against illegal wildlife trade, increasing awareness and conducting scientific surveys in Vietnam.




I was born on 1st September, 1990 at Namwala General Hospital. I` am Christian by religion, Catholic to be specific and an indigenous Zambian, Tonga by tribe. I did my primary grade from 1997 to 2003 at three different schools namely Lubanga Shaboongwe basic school, Simanje Basic School and Chiyobola basic School respectively. The first two are in Namwala district while the latter in Monze district.

Therefore, in 2004 I went to Canisius Secondary School for my junior level. After sitting for my grade 9 examinations in 2005, I passed and was taken into boarding from being a day scholar. 2006 to 2008 was my senior secondary level at the same secondary school owned and managed by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits fathers) in Chikuni Mission.

In 2010, I was accepted at Evelyn Hone College under the Education department to study Social work. Industrial attachments were also done during the holidays for experience purpose. I did my attachments at Chikuni Mission Hospital. After two years down the line on 12th July, 2012 was the graduation day and I was awarded a Diploma in Social work. 

Fortunately in October 2013, I was called to sit for interviews at Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Management Program (CHAMP) as a social worker/ Counselor.  On 1st November, 2012, I started work at a community Learning Center (CLC) managed by CHAMP. The Operations department dealt with the provision of various social services in communities surrounding the CLC, onsite focused group discussions with youths and other most at risk populations.  On the other hand, the Business department had activities that enabled income generation for sustainability purposes of the CLC.

However, the project came to an end in December 2013 and I was offered another job as a Learning Centre Officer/consultancy at the 990 Talkline that provides information, counseling and makes referrals on health and psychosocial services. This was effective1st January, 2014 till date.



The Great Zimbabwe Scenarios Project
Choice Mharidzo-Ndoro – Director

Unity in Diversity – World Civil Society

In collaboration with:
United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
“…the regional forums in Australia and India, organized by the Global Dialogue Foundation and local partners under the auspices of the Alliance, allowed the Alliance to expand its outreach and significantly develop its footing at grass-roots level.”
Official report of the Secretary-General Ban Ki moon to the UN General Assembly.