Celebrating Unity in Diversity – Intern Ambassadors – 2022 Presentations & Award Ceremony

17 March 2023

Earlier this week, the celebration and awards ceremony of the 2022 GDF Unity in Diversity Intern Ambassadors was held at HSNC University in Mumbai, India.

The event marks the completion of the 2nd year of the GDF Unity in Diversity Ambassador program in which 50 students from 5 colleges serving as GDF Intern Ambassadors, delivered various programs in support of grassroots communities.

Guided by the Teacher coordinators and college Principals, the Ambassadors were able to achieve outstanding results from their services rendered. Inspiring and heartwarming presentations given by the Ambassadors, also the Coordinators, Principals and some of the parents can be seen via YouTube video, click here.

Expressions of gratitude for the opportunity to work under the aegis of GDF in service to communities filled the room. While details of the life transforming experiences gained brought on happy tears of more than a few.

Organisers of the GDF Unity in Diversity Ambassador program welcome interested colleges to join the program for 2023 by contacting info@globaldialoguefoundation.org for more information.

On behalf of GDF, we congratulate all Intern Ambassadors, Teacher Coordinators and Principals from Bombay Teachers’ Training College, Smt. Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College, HR College, KC College and MMK College for your outstanding contribution to Unity in Diversity inclusive and peaceful societies.

We look forward to working with you again in 2023 and beyond.

Download reports:
BTTC (Bombay Teachers’ Training College), click here
CHM College, click here
HR College, click here
KC College, click here
MMK College, click here

Visit the event photo library, click here

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In collaboration with: United Nations Alliance of Civilizations “Unity in Diversity – World Civil Society”
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
“…the regional forums in Australia and India, organized by the Global Dialogue Foundation and local partners under the auspices of the Alliance, allowed the Alliance to expand its outreach and significantly develop its footing at grass-roots level.”
Official report of the Secretary-General Ban Ki moon to the UN General Assembly.