GDF World Civil Society of Macedonia

Enisa Murseli-Gjokaj 

Holds a bachelor’s degree from the New York College Thessaloniki-Greece, Empire State Collage USA from the department of Political Science in the field of International Relations. Ms.Murseli-Gjokaj is also a graduate of Dental Department of State Medical University of Macedonia. She is the founder of the Youth Organization “Shpresa”, and with her 12 years experience in NGO sector she works successfully
on Women Empowerment, Youth Development and Leadership. Ms.Murseli-Gjokaj is working on achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and
security. She was Project Coordinator of Drugs, Aids and Prostitution – IOM; Better think than act!
IOM and USAID; “Women in politics” – Robert Schumann Foundation; Women Rights Campaign– Municipality of Tetovo and OSCE; The Women Votes and the Gender Gap- US Embassy Skopje. Ms.Murseli-Gjokaj has participated at a number of conferences and seminars as European Policy Summit – “Europe’s Balkan Partners; “Democracy and Security today”-(BTD, NATO, OSCE, KFOS-
SOROS;) Shaping the Future of Europe”- Konrad Adenauer Foundation; “XVII International AIDS Conference”, Mexico; United Nations Alliance of Civilization-Portugal. Promoting peace through Understanding with PTPI University Chapter Macedonia; She has also organized seminars and workshops on international and domestic politics during her internship period at the U.S. Consulate General in Thessaloniki, Greece. As a Higher Education Reform Expert she was promoting and enhancing voluntary progress toward the Bologna objectives in the light of national needs and aspirations. In Liberal Alternative Institute in Skopje, she is departmental chair for Gender Issues, Youth and Education, and Health and Environment.
She is now one of the champions for creating Unity in Diversity – World Civil Society, in collaboration with the UN Alliance of Civilizations and part of the Steering Committee of Chapter in Macedonia.
Ms. Svetlana Siljanoska

Ms. Svetlana holds a Master Degree in International Law from South East European University; her master thesis is focused on women rights. She holds a bachelor degree in Law studies at the Faculty of Law Sciences at South East European University. Over the past decade her work and focus are set in the civil society working for several NGO`s and cooperation with many International Organizations, working successfully on Minority inclusion, Non- Violent and Peaceful Communication, Conflict Resolutions, Cultural Protection and Ethnic diversity, Youth Development and Leadership, Gender Equality. Currently Ms. Svetlana is a team- member, project manager and project coordinator as well as representative of couple NGO`s and also in the Institute for Environment and Health at South East European University. Within
the Institute her work is dedicated on projects related to Energetic and also Environment protection. In her work resume stands one capital project which is construction of the Macedonian Airport, working in the top management. Ms. Sijlanoska, has also substantial number of certificates in additional education in the field of management and transformation of conflicts, international criminal law, European competition law and policy, international public law as well as English and Albanian Language. She has obtained numerous of trainings among which monitoring of expending public budget resources and protection of personal data in combating money laundering. Ms. Svetlana was engaged as representative in conferences and assemblies such as annual assemblies of youth coalitions, conferences for national volunteer strategies, law regulation changes, labor market analysis, energy efficiency (Organized by Governmental Bodies as well as International Organizations: OSCE, UN, EU, USAID, FOOM). She is also a member Macedonian National Youth Council.
In addition to her work as representative she enrolled several networking meetings and strategy planning activities.

Prof. Dr. Mr. Qashif Bakiu

Holds a PhD of Political Science from Faculty of Low, Sofia University “Sveti Kliment Ohridski” Bulgaria, in the field of Political pluralism-Model of R. Macedonia. He has graduated from University of Sofia with a Master’s degree on Political Science, His Master Thesis was about Political Systems in Macedonia. He is a full time professor of Political Science at the Tetovo State University. His participation on different seminars and conferences, starting from Youth students movements till the civil society international conferences and forum have encouraged him in civil society sector in Macedonia. He has worked also as journalist, news editor in Macedonian national newspaper “Lajm”.
Mr.Bakiu is a co-founder of the Youth Balkan Forum – Sofia, Bulgaria, Founder of the NGO “The hand of Justice”-Skopje, Macedonia, Project manager of NGO “Tolerance”- Struga, Macedonia.

Ismail Aliji

Holds Master of Conflict Analysis and Conflict Resolution from Sabanci University, Turkey, where he was also holding the position of teaching assistant at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He has graduated from Middle East Technical University, Turkey, with a BA degree in International Relations. Mr. Aliji has participated in numerous international conferences and trainings such as non- formal education for human rights, Helsinki Human Rights Committee, Ohrid, Macedonia; School of Tolerance, Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, Skopje, Macedonia; Leadership Seminar, Junior Chamber International, Ankara; Model
United Nations Conference with a topic of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany. He was also paper presenter and Macedonian delegate in Students of Turkic- world Congress, Bilkent University, Ankara. Mr. Aliji was president of the Association of Macedonian Students in Ankara; Columnist at web portal Young Macedonians; Trainer for social rights at the Toplum Gönüllüleri Foundation; Project Coordinator in School of Tolerance Project realized in Gostivar, Macedonia and led by Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution. Apart from his current job at the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidency of the Republic of Macedonia, he is also interested in promoting social responsibility and teaching conflict resolution with interactive methods.

Prof. Dr. Mrs. Vlera Ejupi

Holds a PhD of English Literature from South
East European University, where she works as a full time Professor. Mrs.Ejupi is a regular contributor to various Macedonian newspapers and journals. She has participated in numerous international conferences: “First Global International Conference-Europe Inside-Out. Europeaness Exposed to Plural Observers”-in Euroacademia, Vienna, as a participant in panel discussions, but also as a co-author of the research paper “The Politicization Of Europe” and she is a member of Euroacademia; Second ASSE International Conference on British and American Studies, “Nation,Nationality, Nationhood: What`s in a nation”, with the research study `Only me and my culture exist- ethnocentrism as an overcome cultural and political concept in intercultural communication`, in Tirana, Albania; 30 International Conference on Psychology and the Arts, with the research paper “The struggle against Thanatos in the novel `Lady Chatterle`s Lover` by D.H.Lawrence`”, at the University of Porto in Portugal. She has been involved in different research projects in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, as well as trainings, seminars and workshops in different. Apart from her professional background, she is also interested in promoting social responsibility.

Dzengis Huseini

Holds a Bachelor Degree from Faculty of Arts at Tetovo State University; He is a Project Manager at the Roma NGO “Sonce”. He has worked on several projects for the Roma community in Macedonia organized and covered from The World Bank, Soros, USAID, UNHCR, and Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. He is activist of the Decade of Roma Inclusion. His participation on different seminars and conference home and abroad, makes his more open for international cooperation.

Dr. Mirjana Maleska

Dr. Mirjana Maleska is a Professor at the Doctoral School of Political Science, University :Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje. She was long time Senior Fellow Researcher at the Institute for Sociological and Political Research, Skopje. From 2001 to 2012 she was a Full Professor of Political Science at the Southeast European University in Tetovo. Her specialties are political system, political parties and ethnic politics. She is the author or editor of a
number of books and numerous articles: ‘Ethnic Conflict and Accommodation’(1997); ‘Macedonian Old-New Issues’(BAN, 2001); ‘What kind of a political system did Macedonia get after the Ohrid Framework Agreement’(2005); ‘Painful Confrontation: Causes and consequences of 2001 deadly conflict’(BAN, 2002); ‘Power-Sharing-A new model of decision-making in the municipalities in Macedonia’(2007);‘Interethnic relations in Macedonia’ in ‘People Centered Analyses’ (2010); Professor Maleska is founder and editor-in chief of New Balkan Politics.

In collaboration with: United Nations Alliance of Civilizations “Unity in Diversity – World Civil Society”
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
“…the regional forums in Australia and India, organized by the Global Dialogue Foundation and local partners under the auspices of the Alliance, allowed the Alliance to expand its outreach and significantly develop its footing at grass-roots level.”
Official report of the Secretary-General Ban Ki moon to the UN General Assembly.