Unity in Diversity Campuses - Mumbai 7 April 2017

Global Dialogue Foundation launched Unity in Diversity Campuses in Mumbai on 15th March 2016.  Dr. Hanifa D Mezoui, (Senior Advisor, Humanitarian Affairs & Civil Society, UNAOC) handed over certificates to the Principals of 22 educational institutes for working towards Unity in Diversity.

Principals receiving their Certificates

We will propagate Unity in Diversity within campuses through the following means:

World Tolerance Day 16th November… a UN initiative

The purpose of a tolerance day would be to have students from different religions come together and research about other religions and present what they understand of the religion. The 10 to 15 minute presentation may include the following:

  • An overview about the history of the religion
  • Interesting things about the assigned religion (can be anything ranging from an odd custom to something more social)
  • The Aspects that the students liked
  • What is different from the student’s own religion
  • Questions from the audience/ Questions to students who actually belong to the religion.

Multicultural Festivities: Campuses should also try and integrate students through multicultural festivities planned and organized by the students. The aim behind this is to make students more aware of each other’s cultures through planned activities which will be constructed in such a way that the students will learn about the cultures as the students tasks will align with information on different cultures. These events can be based on any of the Public holidays in India.

Lastly, campuses can encourage students to share their experiences with religion and how it has impacted their lives.


Photo gallery, https://www.flickr.com/photos/globaldialogue/albums/72157681888434861