Unity in Diversity World Radiance School Camp - Summer, August 2019

Project by: World Radiance International


In partnership with New Creation Ministries International, World Radiance International successfully organised Unity in Diversity World Radiance Summer Camp, 2019 which succeeded the WRI Spring Camp that was held in April.

The five-day camp which was themed Youth, Culture and Ethics brought together young people aged between 12 to 24 from different ethnic groups and backgrounds. The objective of the summer camp was to teach young people on how to become responsible citizens who can coexist peacefully with each other.

The youth participated in a myriad of social welfare activities and the most noteworthy was litter collection program that was done in collaboration with the County Government of Nakuru, Department of Environment, Kenya Wildlife Service, and Red Cross, Nakuru Branch.

Miss. Doris, Mock Cabinet Secretary – 2019 Summer Camp.

Photos of Nakuru Summer Camp 2019. 


World Radiance International (WRI) is an NGO and our core objective is to promote good governance, ethics, and livelihood, especially amongst the youth so as to move them into leadership roles not only in their homes but also in their countries.

WRI runs Unity in Diversity World Radiance School Camps, meant for school ongoing youth during school holidays in the months of April, August, November and December. The camps are termed after seasons-Spring, Summer, and Winter.

In the camps we train and engage youth on Debates and Dialogues focusing on the issues affecting them. They participate through clubs of Culture, Health, Gender, Social welfare, Education, Environment.

In the Debates, they identify causes to their problems (Debates are normally conducted through mock parliament); while in Dialogues they come up with solutions to those problems (Dialogues are conducted in small groups – clubs). Through this, youths learn how to appreciate Cultural Unity in Diversity, as a key factor in promoting good governance and social development.

These activities enable youths to become good decision makers in their communities and countries. They also encourage them to channel their energy and innovation towards social growth and development.



We welcome international students’ participation through an exchange program that fosters intercultural diversity.
The participants will enjoy a taste of our diverse culture and the serenity in our country. We guarantee an unforgettable experience through intercultural learning that brings into play an understanding and appreciation of our commonality. Together we become ambassadors of globalization in making the world a better place to be in.

We invite you to come and present your culture and learn about other cultures in Unity in Diversity World Radiance School Camp in Kenya.