Establishing continuous collaboration among civil society, including community-based organisations from different cultures, ethnic groups, Diasporas.., and organisations across each sector, in order to address needs, improve living conditions and build inclusive and sustainable society.

Bulgaria is calling!

The first common meeting of of the Bulgarian Country Chapter of Unity in Diversity – World Civil Society, took place on June 16th, 2015 in the premises of the country focal point Gender Project for Bulgaria Foundation (GPF). There were representatives of Roma and Armenian NGOs, two people from NGO named Global Vision Circle, individual supporters of the cause.

Iliana Schmatelka and Stanimira Hadjimitova acquainted the representatives with the main visions and goals of the global initiative. After lively discussion the following decisions were taken to be executed within a month:  

  • Creation of a e-list for communication
  • To think for incorporation of other members from various groups: ethnic, religion, age, type of activity, institutions, and civil society organizations. Movement should be “inclusive”; it is important what we do to do it together, under a slogan “We learn to live together”.
  • A number of possible activities were outlined, to become part of an Action plan: concerts / festivals – combining music and dance; poetry meetings with authors of different groups; planting trees; playing sports together; exhibition of paintings of representatives of different groups; children from different groups paint walls together; diverse  Cuisine Fest, etc.
  • A national Statute/Code of Conduct to be elaborated and signed, based on the Global one.
  • Every one organization/individual to send to GPF a short CV in order to know “Who is who in the ZOO”

Australian pilot

Whittlesea Community Leadership Network Victoria Inc. (WCLN) – LAUNCH DAY
22 February 2013 – Victoria, Australia

In collaboration with: United Nations Alliance of Civilizations “Unity in Diversity – World Civil Society”
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
“…the regional forums in Australia and India, organized by the Global Dialogue Foundation and local partners under the auspices of the Alliance, allowed the Alliance to expand its outreach and significantly develop its footing at grass-roots level.”
Official report of the Secretary-General Ban Ki moon to the UN General Assembly.
Inaugural Forum:
Melbourne 10th of Oct. 2010
“Unity in Diversity – 10.10.10”
Global Dialogue Forum